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How We Met

I was a freshman in college at Florida Atlantic University, and I just got a job lifeguarding at the FAU on-campus pool. The first time I met Kyle, we had NO IDEA we would be together. Like none. I went to my first lifeguard meeting where we brush up on our skills and do laps in the pool every other week. When we sat down our boss introduced me as the new employee, and she was taking a headcount, and she said “where is Kyle” the group of older guys starts laughing… he was in the gym working out and forgot about the meeting. When he rolled in after our boss stormed in to get him, he thought he was the coolest thing ever. Like too cool to even come to the meetings. We didn’t talk at work, and we barely ever worked with eachother. When it was spring break, I went outside to the pool to ask him to cover one of my shifts, and he straight up ignored me. He says the moment he saw me he knew he wanted “to date that girl,” but I was dating my high school sweetheart still and was not on the market.

The summer my parents moved to Hawaii, about a year later, my boyfriend and I at the time broke up… naturally, I was posting really cool Hawaii pictures, and Kyle noticed none of them were with him. So he did what all the guys thought was cool and slid into my snapchat DMs. (my snaps of Hawaii were really cool, so I don’t blame him) This was just a fun way of talking, and it really wasn’t till i got back to school where we hung out for the first time.

We went bowling with some of his friends. One of his friends tried to break up a fight in the parking lot while we were headed home and the police came right when that happened… next thing we knew the police were telling us to put our hands up. I can honestly say that is the only time I have ever had to do that. The cops let us go, and Kyle felt so bad. He was like I swear I am not a bad kid. My friends never do that, and that has never happened before.

A few days later I gave him another chance to redeem himself… and I would say even with our rough start, the rest really was history. He is not the tough guy he portrays to be… he is more romantic and sensitive than I will ever be and we are the perfect combination.

How They Asked

We decided to book a trip to Italy on a whim. My little brother was visiting a friend, and we wanted to see them and go as well. Kyle and I were doing long distance at the time while he was in Florida, and I was in Mississippi getting my first on-air job reporting for the local news station.

We were reunited, and in a foreign country, it was a blast. Our second day we went to Venice, and we got dressed up to go to a nice dinner. While we were on our way over, we passed the famous Rialto Bridge where everyone wants to take a picture. We were waiting in line, and there was a secret photographer who was blending in with the crowd when we got our photo taken. (Kyle had been planning this with a local for months.)

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I turned around to get a “boomerang” for Instagram at the end of the bridge while he was holding my hand, and that’s when he dropped down on one knee.

I turned around and was grinning ear to ear… Kyle was so nervous of everyone watching (Venice was packed with people on this bridge, and they were all watching us). He went blank and just stared at me. Eventually, he found his words (even after forgetting to put the ring on my finger… the poor thing) and I said yes, and everyone started clapping and cheering. Our photographer came out, and then our adventure began. He took us around the whole city of Venice and gave us a tour while taking fantastic video and pictures of our special day. We got some wine to celebrate and frolicked around the town as the happiest couple.

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