Taylor and Kurt's Beautiful Garden Proposal

How We Met: Kurt and I met when I was a sophomore in high school and he was a junior. Kurt played football and I was a cheerleader. After telling a friend nonchalantly at a game that Kurt was “super cute,” she proceeded to tell him right after the game. Of course, I was embarrassed, but it ended up working in my favor when I started dating that super cute quarterback not long after!

how they asked: This started out as any other normal twenty-first birthday would…I was obviously expecting great things for this day, but I really had no idea that it would be the best day of my life yet!

The morning of my birthday, I planned to go to a concert with my mom, Tyler, and my cousins. I was super upset that Kurt didn’t really show any interest in coming…he said he needed to help his uncle move some stuff to a friend’s house. I was bummed, but excited for the concert! We went to the concert that afternoon (hence, my lovely sunburn in all of our proposal pictures), and then headed back to Athens.

Kurt was really adamant that he wanted to take me out to dinner, just the two of us, so I had suggested that we dress up. Kurt seemed up for the idea, so I was really excited to get back and get ready for my birthday dinner. Once I got back to Athens, Kurt came over and looked exhausted. He said moving (aka setting up all those bulb lights) was really hard, but he was so excited for dinner! We got ready and went to 5 Bar in Athens for our meal. It was fabulous!

After dinner, Kurt kept asking me if I wanted to get ice cream (stalling for it to get darker so the lights would be bright…), I was super stuffed, so I suggested that we just walk around North Campus for a little while (the Lord’s plan, because obviously Kurt was relieved that I suggested this..). So, here we are just strolling around North Campus (on the soaking wet ground, because it had been raining all day), Kurt kept texting (Nathan about what time we would be walking down) and I was getting super annoyed (and bratty, I’m sure..).

Anyway, finally, he tells me Nathan drove by and saw lights at the Founder’s Garden and that we should go look at them because they’re probably left over from a wedding (which I thought nothing of because Molly and I had just done a wedding there and left all the lights and tables for the rental company to pick up the next day).

So we walked down to the Founder’s Garden on campus and there were hundreds of stunning bulb lights (MY FAVORITE) strung along a path…here we go walking down the beautifully lit path and of course, I’m already crying.

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When we get to the end, under the arbor with light strung all behind and above it, Kurt asks me if I want to dance. I could not keep it together and was laughing and crying so much, just wondering when he was going to ask because I was so excited!

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Finally, he got down on one knee (said some of the greatest, most precious words to me, which I’ve been waiting for for so long, and which I will not be sharing…) and I said YES! It was truly everything I had ever dreamed of (except the lights which were SO much better because I had never thought of them!)!

After I said yes (and cried yet again because Sterling was taking pictures and I though he was in SC)…we took more pictures and videos around North Campus (I had no idea we were stalling…literally clueless). We stopped by Starbucks and I told everyone we had just gotten engaged…! So, Kurt tells me that my family and his family and my roommates were at my house but that nobody knew what was going on and that we needed to hurry there.

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So Kurt, Sterling, Nathan, and myself headed to the 2155. Once we were there, Nathan started filming me, I kept asking a million questions (haha), and Kurt just kept telling me to open the door. Once I opened the door, everyone yelled “Surprise!” This is what had happened…Kurt asked my roommates to plan a surprise birthday party for me (nobody, except the guys and my parents, knew we were engaged). So they all surprised me (cue the tears again), and then they realized we were engaged and everyone was screaming, crying, etc.

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It. Was. Wonderful. I could not have asked for anything better than to be surrounded by everyone that means so much to me on such a special day. Suffice it to say, I think it was the best twenty-first birthday I could have ever asked for! The Lord has blessed us so much and we are ever grateful and excited to just keep doing life together!

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