Taylor and Kevin

How We Met

Kevin and I met around six years ago at a high school party. After exchanging phone number and sending countless messages back and forth for weeks, Kevin mustered up the courage to ask me out on a date. We went glow in the dark mini-putting & talked for hours over coffee and donuts. From that moment on we were inseparable and I guess you could say, the rest is history!

how they asked

Kevin is the most supportive man in the world – when I told him I was going to quit my job and become a yoga instructor to live out my “yogi dream” his response was nothing short of amazing. Not only did he help me through making such a crazy life decision, he did it with the most love and encouragement anyone could ask for.

In the yoga community there are many “famous” yogis that are very well known around the world. One that I have truly been inspired by is Jessica Olie. In July, which is about five months before our engagement, Kevin contacted Jessica via social media in the hopes that she would respond and be a part of the special day. Due to conflicting schedules and busy lives, it did not seem like his plan was going to work out.

Shortly after I started my yoga journey, in September I decided to move in with Kevin. At that same time, I met a fellow yogi over Instagram, her name is Annelie. We got to chatting and realized we lived 10 minutes away from each other so we decided to meet for coffee. A short coffee meeting turned into four hours of talking and we have been friends ever since. Turns out, Annelie and Jessica Olie are friends (crazy coincidence!!).

In October, it was announced by a local Toronto yoga studio (YogaTree Studios) that they would be hosting Jessica Olie for a few workshops! So, Kevin found out and decided to message her again asking if she could be part of the proposal in some way. Meanwhile, Annelie and I both signed up for two of her workshops, and I was extremely excited about possibly meeting Jessica Olie! Little did I know, Kevin & Jessica had other plans for that day. Over the last three months the two of them (Jessica and Kevin) had been messaging back and forth coming up with their master proposal plan. At the same time, Kevin was messaging Annelie, the friend I just met, to go in on the plan as well. At the end of the second workshop, Jessica called me to the front of the room to “demonstrate” something.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Yoga Tree Studios (Bay & Dundas) - Downtown Toronto

As I stood in the front of the room, with my eyes closed, I heard mine and Kevin’s favourite song begin to play over the loud speakers. As I open my eyes, I see Kevin walking into the room through the reflection of the mirror, as I turn around he walks straight up to me, whispers the sweetest words, gets down on one knee and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said YES – and the rest is history!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Yoga Tree Studios (Bay & Dundas) - Downtown Toronto

Who could have known that when Kevin messaged Jessica five months ago, I would have met Annelie, and the three of them would come up with the most epic wedding proposal I could have ever asked for. This man knows me so well and I cannot believe the lengths he went through to make this day happen!

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