Taylor and Kendra

How We Met

I served an LDS mission in Guatemala and was paired up with her brother. We were companions for 3 months and had a blast! I saw pictures of his sister and always joked with him for the remaining 18 months that I was going to marry his sister when I got home. Sure enough, 5 days after I got home, I met Kendra and immediately fell in love! We dated for about 6.5 months before getting engaged, were engaged for 5 months, and got married on June 30, 2017, in the Salt Lake Temple!

how they asked

I took her to breakfast in Park City to buy some time for my family to get to my uncles house who lives in PC. I told her we needed to stop by to drop off some blankets that he ordered from a company that I worked at. Everyone parked away from the house so we couldn’t see the cars. We walked in and everyone was upstairs on a balcony out of sight. I had my mom start playing “Close Your Eyes, by Michael Buble” and I walked her up the stairs into the front room that overlooked an amazing view of the snowy mountains. She saw the photographer when she got to the top of the stairs and was really confused! She started looking around and saw her family overlooking us and said “Noooo! (very surprised but happy obviously).” I took her to the middle of the room where there was a heart made out of flower petals and poured out my heart to her, got on one knee, and asked if she would marry me!! She said “yeahhhh!” and I attempted to put the ring on her finger, but she was shaking so bad that she had to do it herself! It was amazing!

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