Taylor and Kelley

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How we met

Kelley: I walked into church late with my sister and her two friends and I scoped the place out real quick to see what cute boys there were, and I saw this guy sitting across the aisle and he totally looked like Bradley Cooper and I thought “dang, he’s so cute!”. About 10 minutes later my sister asked me if I knew Taylor Monsen. I told her I had no clue who that was and she said, “He looks like Bradley Cooper!” And I said “Oh my gosh! I totally saw him! He’s so cute!”
After that, I decided that I needed to get to know this kid. So I chased him. I learned about who he was, what he did, who his friends were, I totally was a stalker. But I got his number, found out he liked Arrow, got him to invite me to watch it with him, invited him to get ice cream with me at Neilsons, and it was history from there. He fell for the bait! I was anxious for the first kiss and I made it pretty apparent when I was ready for it a week later. We hung out every night ever since the first kiss. I went to Fiiz almost every day to see him at work. We said I love you after three weeks of dating, and plans for a marriage followed soon after!

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Taylor: The first time I remembered seeing Kelley was at my work. She came in and introduced herself as someone from church. I remember as I was ringing up the next person in line it was really hard not to keep looking over to check her out (and kept catching her looking at me). That was all the beginning of her stalking me. After that I noticed her more at church and she was always checking me out and trying to start conversations with me. I had been super busy with my job when she was starting to hit on me. Dating was the last thing on my mind. However, she got my number and I decided I had time one night to go with her to an ice cream shop in town. It was her idea and I thought she was super cute and nice but I still wasn’t really ready for anything serious. However, she invited me to her house for tacos on SuperBowl Sunday (which we later talked about and she didn’t really want me there, so that’s funny), but I went and we watched a movie at her brothers house after. I had gone with the intention of friend zoning her, but something caught my attention. That night we got to know each other more, and I realized that this girl was pretty cool and I wasn’t really ready to let her go completely. So we kept hanging out and one night she came into the shop to say hi to me, and she stuck around to help clean and I thought, “Dang! This girl is freaking awesome!” She’s only gotten better and better ever since and I’m so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with her.

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how they asked

Kelley: Taylor’s brother was getting married in California, and I was invited. So plans were made for me to come home from school for the weekend and he was supposed to pick me up from the airport and we were going to go straight to California from there. However, two weeks before the trip he called me saying he had to work the food truck that night, so he would be an hour later then my landing time, so my mom and sister picked me up instead. I was sad and annoyed about it, but it was work so I had no choice. Once in the car, my mom handed me a cute note that Taylor had sent with her and it was a little apology for his schedule and that he was sending me on a scavenger hunt to keep me entertained until he was done. The first riddle sent me to Neilsons (our first date). Once there, I found a dvd of Arrow and Stardust (our first movie we watched) and a note that sent me to my brothers house (which is where we watched these shows together our first week).

When I got to Bryans, I found a 44 oz Fiiz cup with flowers (tulips, I had mentioned while walking to school that i love tulips). The cup was the clue to go to Fiiz, which is where we literally spent all our weekends together. When I got there, I was expecting him to be there after the truck event, but instead the workers gave me my favorite drink with a cute book. It was all about us and my adventure I was having that night on the hunt, and the next clue said to go to “home sweet home”.

When we pulled up to my house, I could see white christmas lights strung up in the back yard. I went through the gate and followed a path of rose petals and lights that wrapped around the yard and led to my back porch. I think one of my favorite sights in life is Taylor standing on my porch in the candlelight in his black shirt. I was so happy to see him! I had been disappointed at Fiiz and I couldn’t hold it in when I finally saw him and he had this huge smile on his face! I ran to him and we held each other for a long time.

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When we finally let each other go, he pulled out a ring box and got down on one knee. It’s a blur from there, but I squealed. I said yes to his question and I’ve been so happy ever since! He makes me the happiest I’ve ever been and I love him more then I’ve ever loved before. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him by my side.

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Taylor: Everything Kelley said was how it happened. However, on my end of things, I probably annoyed the Perkinson family and Megan that whole day because I was trying so hard to be so perfect and I was so anxious and on edge because I wanted it all to work out so that she would be happy with it. Everyone was patient with me though and they helped make it all work great! I was also stalking Kelley this time. We switched roles! I was constantly texting her little sister, asking where they were and telling her what to do when. I was with Megan hiding behind a nearby gas stations dumpster when Kelley showed up to Nielsens (the ice cream shop we went to on our first date) because I wanted to make sure nobody messed with the next clue I left there. When I saw her, it took everything in me not to run up to her and hold on to her so tight! She looked so good and I couldn’t wait to put the ring on her finger.

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When I was waiting on her porch for her, I was excited and anxious. And then when I saw her coming around the corner, I just got really excited and really happy!

Even through the fun and excitement of the preparation, I was so relieved when it was over and she said “Yes”. The pit that had been building in my stomach all day was gone and I was so happy to see her beaming and beautiful! She’s going to be my wife and I can’t wait!

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