Taylor and Kelley

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How We Met

I met Kelley our Junior year of college. I had just transferred to a new university and was asked to choreograph this goofy guy production. The show was called Crusader Knights and was a spoof our university’s annual pageant. It was basically a bunch of college guys dancing around and acting silly on stage for our entertainment. Over the span of about 4 weeks worth of rehearsals Kelley and I spent many nights together while I tried to teach him and the other contestants how to dance. I didn’t know it at the time, but throughout all the crazy dancing, practices, and late night fast food runs, Kelley was developing a HUGE crush on me! I was immediately drawn to him because he was so handsome and kind. I could tell he was a really genuine guy, the type that doesn’t care what people think! He had no problem acting a fool on stage and I loved that about him. We quickly developed a close friendship but I still had no idea he was crushing on me. The last week of rehearsals he surprised me by asking me on a date! Me being the goof that I am told him no and our friendship fizzled away for a couple of months. Towards the end of that semester we found ourselves intertwined within the same friend group and just like the previous time, our friendship quickly developed! This time however, he wasn’t the only one to start developing a crush. I couldn’t help but fall for him, he was so fun and caring! As the semester closed and summer neared I decided to stay on campus to work and take classes and he decided to go work at a summer camp. One evening before he left, he jokingly suggested that I go visit him at camp and to both of our surprises I agreed! One visit turned into two which turned into three. We always say that camp is where we fell in love. Those weekends visiting Kelley were the highlight of that summer! Even though I had already told him no, he asked me once again to go on a date and this time I made sure to say yes! We have been inseparable since and falling in love with him was effortless!

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how they asked

He took me back to the spot we first met! The Chapel on our universities campus Crusader Knights was held, where it all began. We walked in and everything was dark except this BEAUTIFUL old glass door he had refurbished and covered in pictures of us! The door was surrounded by beautiful white lights so that it was the only thing lit in the entire auditorium. He walked me up onto the stage where the door was sitting and as soon as he grabbed my hands and began telling me how much he loved me I burst into tears. It was overwhelming joy I felt in that moment, I couldn’t even begin to grasp how happy I was! He told me that he didn’t know the exact moment he fell in love, but that all the moments we had shared leading up to that moment all contributed to how much he loved me then. As he continued talking I continued to be flooded with emotions and I basically cried like a baby the entire time he spoke! He pulled out a bible and read me two verses that talk about love. He told me that he couldn’t promise to always love me perfectly like those verses told him to, but that he would spend the rest of his life trying. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I play back that moment over in my head constantly, it was so sweet and so perfect. I still can’t believe that Kelley chose me to spend forever with him! I am so ready to take on whatever adventure comes next for us!

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