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How We Met

Well, Taylor, the soon-to-be-groom, and Kayla, the soon-to-be-bride, started off as cubicle neighbors in South Florida. Neither of us are from South Florida though, in fact we are both from neighboring states in the north; Taylor from Ohio, and Kayla from Pennsylvania. Of course, Kayla is a Penn State alumnus while Taylor worships the Ohio State Buckeyes (no one said he was perfect).

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We always talk about how it is so crazy that our life turned out how it did. Both of us decided to take a plunge and move to South Florida to work for the same company, where we ended up sitting right next to each other, likely flirting every day even though both of us would deny that since we were both seeing other people at the time.

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We have now known each other for quite some time, however our love story didn’t begin until a date at Krispy Kreme where Taylor introduced Kayla to a Hot and Ready glazed doughnut (if you haven’t had it, you need to try it!) We kind of just started that day, and then next thing you know we were inseparable.

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Since we worked together, we tried to keep it a secret for over an entire year. We swear that everyone knew, but that they didn’t ‘really’ know since we never said a word and tried to remain professional.

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From there on, it’s all history. We introduced each other to the parents, we went to Disney, Key West, and on a cruise. One of our favorite day trips was going to Key Biscayne, Florida where you can go to the beach, grill, fish, eat, get a beautiful view from a lighthouse, and rent bikes. We eventually moved in together, which is when Kayla thought it was a good time to get her dream dog, a pug. Unfortunately, Taylor said no many, many times. Throughout, all of this we decided that while Florida is a beautiful state, it wasn’t home and we made a big decision to move to Columbus, Ohio. Before moving, we wanted to squeeze in a few more trips in Florida.

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how they asked

We were moving soon, but we had season passes to Miami Seaquarium so Taylor asked if we could go one last time before the move. Of course, I said yes so I wrote it in my planner for that Saturday. Aforementioned, a park within Key Biscayne is our favorite spot in Florida and it is very close to the Seaquarium so as we are traveling down to the Seaquarium, Taylor asked if I wanted to go see our park. I was all for it since it is so beautiful.

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So we drive to the park, hop out of the car and start walking towards the lighthouse. The pathway to the lighthouse is beautiful; it is lined with palm trees and at the end of the pathway is the lighthouse and the beach. We just love walking that path! As we were walking down towards the lighthouse, I spotted a gentleman walking the world’s cutest little pug puppy. Immediately I exclaimed that I have never seen a little pug puppy in person before and asked if we could stop. Thankfully, Taylor smiled and said yes. I then asked the gentleman if I could pet his puppy, and thankfully he said yes too! Oh my goodness, this little puppy was SO CUTE. We were sitting there for a few minutes talking with this young man and playing with this puppy.

At this point, I did think it was weird that he was letting us hang out with his dog so long, like he didn’t have better things to do? But I was not going to complain! Taylor turns to me and says he has a surprise and again, I thought this was odd. I was thinking right now? With this stranger? But I think I said ‘ok’. Who turns down a surprise? Definitely not me. Taylor gave me this cute little gift bag, and inside is a Penn State collar. Truthfully, I was not sure what was happening. It took me a spilt second, and for Taylor to say “It’s yours!”. I instantly began crying and asking “it’s mine, it’s mine?”. I am not a pretty crier either! Fortunately, Taylor held me to calm me down.

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While I was collecting myself and falling in love with my new 8 week old puppy, Taylor explains how he knows this guy who had the puppy. His name was Matt, by the way. Taylor met Matt months ago and he kept him from me on purpose because he knew he would need him for this very day. I mean you can’t trust a complete stranger with a puppy, right?

As we are still sitting in the middle of the pathway leading to the lighthouse, Taylor tells me that he has a surprise for the puppy and I. Once again, I am thinking right now? What can it be? A treat? A bone? Taylor hands me this hand carved puzzle box with a pug face (if you don’t know what it is, Google it – I have always been fascinated by puzzle boxes). So I take apart the puzzle box, apparently really fast too; but like I said I always liked these boxes so I guess it was second nature. Inside the box is a bone shaped dog tag hand engraved with ‘Marry me?’.

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Admittedly, I blacked out at this point. I remember turning to Taylor on one knee, him pulling me in closer to him. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I couldn’t breathe. One thing I remember for sure is that I said yes! The ring is absolutely beautiful! In fact, it is exactly what I wanted but I never even told him.

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Later on we went for brunch with our puppy, I couldn’t even eat because I was still so emotional. Everyone was stopping us to say hi to our adorable puppy and tell us congratulations. It was such a special day and I thought for sure that all of my surprises were done, but when we got home Taylor had a bottle of champagne set out, two glasses, a cage for the puppy, red, white and blue balloons (representing OSU and PSU coming together), and a beautiful, thoughtful, card.

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A little extra details to the story, when Taylor and I kept our relationship a secret we had code names in our cell phones. He was Tater and I was K$. We know, very secret. Why this really means something, is when Taylor was searching for a pug puppy, he searched for months and was almost about to give up. When all of sudden he came across this little puppy that will be 8 weeks right in time for the proposal and his name was Tater! Later on, we renamed Tater to Auggie Tater Goff-Meier, until the wedding when he will just be Auggie Tater Goff.

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The rest is history, we have so much to be thankful for! But, Kayla for one can say that she is blessed to have a man as thoughtful as Taylor in her life. He planned everything to a t! He had pages of notes written out for his friend Matt to assure they were on the same page and to meet at exactly the 6th palm tree down the pathway. Tons of code words. He made a custom ring and bought it months in advance! He asked her father. She still can’t believe he hid a friend from her for months.

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P.S. – Nicolas Sparks, if you’re reading this and if you want to write a romantic novel about our engagement you have our permission. Just let us know!

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