Taylor and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I met our freshman year of high school. We were friends throughout the next four years, and then lost touch. A few years later I reached out in hopes of getting some words of wisdom while I was spending some time in Thailand. I knew he would be the best person to talk to since he had been in the Navy since we graduated high school (he knew all about over-seas struggles!). We picked up right where we had left off, and quickly realized our feelings for each other were much deeper than just a typical friendship.

how they asked

While he was home on leave, Justin mentioned wanting to go on a nice, romantic date that he had always wanted to take me on. On December 18th, 2016 our night started with a trip to the Dallas arboretum (botanical gardens) for the “12 nights of Christmas” display. It was incredibly beautiful to walk through the gardens with the love of my life. If that wasn’t enough, he had scheduled a horse-drawn carriage ride through Dallas later that night. While we were on our ride, the carriage driver told us about a place that was so gorgeous that we had to get off and look around before we continued on our ride. She brought us to a small river with a bridge lit up with Christmas lights. Justin and I got out of the carriage and went to stroll along the bridge. While walking, he stopped me to give me one of my “Christmas presents” – it was a book he created with all the reasons why he loves me. On one of the final pages, the book told me to close my eyes, so I did. When I opened them, he was down on one knee. I started crying instantly. When he asked me to marry him, I, of course, said yes!

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