Taylor and Justin

How We Met

I met Justin when I was a freshman in college at The University of Alabama. We met at Sigma Chi Bid Day through my roommate who had gone to high school with him. We ended up dating different people and were just friends for almost two years. Then one day I was visiting his home town with my roommate and he sent me a message. We went on our first date a few weeks later and the rest is history!

how they asked


I had been working crazy hours and he made sure my boss gave me a Friday night off so he could take me to dinner. We went to our favorite restaurant, Bonefish Grill, and he ordered a bottle of my favorite chardonnay. When I went to the bathroom I saw him put the cork in his pocket, and I thought maybe he was just feeling sentimental. After dinner we got coffee and he drove me through one of my favorite neighborhoods in The Woodlands and as I was busy looking at the houses on the lake, we pulled up to the gazebo by the lake and it was covered in twinkle lights, lanterns, candles, and balloons. By then I knew what he was going to ask me. He walked me down the path to the gazebo and got down on one knee. I don’t even remember what he said I was so happy! Then I turned around and 4 of my best friends had been hiding and my friend Andrew was taking pictures and video the whole time. I did not think the night could get any better. We went back to my parents house to share the good news and he had an entire surprise party planned. All of my family and friends were there, and he had put together a notebook of letters from the people who mean the most to me. I immediately started crying the minute I walked through the door. It was the most perfect night of my entire life.