Taylor and Justin

How We Met

Justin and I met as high schoolers in a small town in Michigan, but the irony is we didn’t know each other. Thanks to Valentine’s Day fundraiser that was a school-wide matchmaking game, we both were introduced as we were the other’s number one match. From there, we went on a few dates, and the rest was history.

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How They Asked

My fiancé, Justin, and I had this little tradition of throwing a coin into a fountain every time we came across one while making a wish. Well, unbeknownst to me, and with a little help from his very creative friends, Justin planned the perfect proposal that a girl could only wish for. Down in Detroit at Belle Isle, the same fountain our grandparents used to visit in their high school days, Justin had me close my eyes and make a wish… but when I opened mine, he told me his dream was coming true. With family and friends around, he asked me to marry him. I can’t wait to spend my happily ever after with the man who makes me feel like all of my wishes will come true.

Taylor's Proposal in Belle Isle, Detroit, MI

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Special Thanks

Elmar Stewart
 | Photographer