Taylor and Josh

How We Met

Hi there! I love this page and cannot believe its my turn to tell my story.

I know this page is about how they asked, but how they asked on that special day means nothing without what led up to it. I hope our little love story isn’t too long and I hope you enjoy it.

You don’t expect to meet the love of your life when you are 12, but I did. Josh and I were in 7th grade home room together, our lockers were only a few apart, and while we didn’t talk much at first, we got to know each other the first few months of school. We walked up the same stairs together every day, him always making me laugh, and soon enough were up talking on the phone or on AIM until 3 in the morning. He was my absolute best friend and we told each other everything. Throughout that year, our friendship turned into more than just that. He asked me to be his girlfriend later that year, on March 24 2005.

He loved ATVS and sports and was an extremely level headed and a calm guy, he wasn’t a planner like I was but he was confident and always did exactly what he said he would do. He was determined to do everything he could to be successful. He loved his family and we soon loved each other’s families. He accepted me for exactly who I was.

Those first few years were the first time we grew up together.

The second time we grew up together was also when we grew apart. At the end of high school, we went separate ways and saw other people. We each had a lot of growing to do, and I am thankful for that, looking back. We both stayed around the same town here in Long Island, New York, attending local college – me, mostly because I didn’t want to be away from my family and I didn’t know which direction to go into, him because of a shoulder injury that prevented him from getting a baseball scholarship. we stayed in touch sometimes, late night phone calls even if it was to just say hi. I missed him always, he was like my home and somewhere in me I always knew he’d be the one I’d end up with, even if I didn’t admit it or denied it. I knew, even though he admits sometimes he didn’t. We are different, and that is ok. Throughout those years I was also very unhappy with where my life was going, I wasn’t pleased with what I was doing and needed a change. We reconnected at the right time, him very much encouraging me out of a funk I was in. We went up hill from there, and life has gotten better every day since.

We grew up together, back together, again, and really started to become adults in our early 20s. We were both working and growing and he brought me into a positive environment he was involved in where I met a lot of amazing new people. In ways, I reconnected with my family and his and started to focus on what’s most important- being my best self, loving and helping others, working for a successful future. Being happy. He was always what made me the most happy. We moved from each living at home, to living together in my parents basement, to a bedroom in my sisters home, to our own, teeny tiny garage apartment, to a gorgeous town home I dreamed of living in for over 5 years. We even got two sibling cats. Of course we fought and pushed buttons of each other’s, we even almost broke up once when we both weren’t giving effort to each other the way we should of been, but didn’t. I blame myself for that, but he found faith in me and trusted me and we both agreed to try harder, to be better, to grow stronger. We were always teaching each other something. We had been through so much and I would of never known in 2005 that 2015 would be the year that everything changed, 10 years later.

I will be honest, I wanted to get engaged so bad, and I knew he knew it. A few of my best friends were engaged or married, and in the world of social media you can’t help but notice who else is taking this next step while we weren’t. We were doing great, being financially independent, saving for a home for when it was time to move into a bigger place, working hard. I vented to friends and family prior to a trip we were going on the day after thanksgiving. Maybe, just maybe, was he going to do it then? However, I looked at it from another side too. Did we need to be engaged to prove our love? No, of course not. but was it the next step that I sought after, that I do admit I wanted? Yes, of course.

It was 6 days before we were going on our trip. 5 days before thanksgiving. My brother, sister in law and I were on our way back to my home after lunch, stuck in traffic caused by an accident way up ahead. I received a call. “Is this Taylor? Your boyfriend Josh was hit by a car”, a strangers voice said. I literally laughed and asked who this was and why they would mess with me, but it wasn’t a joke, and the accident ahead, it was him. I ran through the still traffic to the scene, unable to breathe until I saw him. blood was coming out of his mouth and he was black and blue, I saw his ATV was flipped off to the side and a car was ahead, dented and damaged. Witnesses were there, and so kind I may add. They covered him with their jackets and kept him calm and awake so he was able to give them my phone number and although his eyes were closed, he was breathing and responsive. I don’t even recall being in the ambulance, I wasn’t even crying. I was just in total shock. Within an hour, he had his entire body scanned and X-rayed and while he was very broken and bruised and torn, it was noting life threatening, and they assured us hed be home in a few days for thanksgiving. We found out from him later what had happened. He was crossing the road on his quad like he did often, going right into the woods after crossing to ride the trails. It was at a quiet intersection with a light right outside our neighborhood. he sped across the road when his light was green but the driver going the other way disregarded the red light, blowing through it and hitting him. His helmet was the only reason he was alive.

I completely forgot about our trip until days later, it didn’t matter. I stayed strong for him, that was all I wanted to do and be. Nothing mattered except him being ok and getting better during this time. I also forgot I even cared about being engaged. After all, was a ring more important than his life? Never. it was the last thing on my mind in those weeks of recovering. First, long nights in the hospital, then, long days at doctors offices. Still now, he has months of therapy and in ways may never be the same. He is the toughest person I know though, and was back at work to his office soon enough, working hard, even with minimal sleep, a neck brace on and a broken right hand and shoulder. I saw him in a new light and felt our relationship was in a new one too. His life was so precious, the fact that he lived was a miracle alone. Those weeks we grew closer, and grew up some more, even 10 years into this crazy relationship

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how they asked

The week before Christmas his neck brace and arm sling came off, he could also drive again and was able to start physical therapy. Everything felt like it was going back to normal, most importantly, his health. The holidays coming up had us in a great mood as well.

He told me to look into somewhere to go that upcoming weekend, he was feeling great and we both had been home for the last few weeks while he was recovering. NY was also strangly staying warm this December, and I LOVE the warm. I also love planning so was on it, researching out east Long Island spots we’ve never been to, places that could be great even in the winter time. I had a few things in mind that I wanted to suggest we do but he humbly told me first I didn’t need to look into anything more. His words being something like “no, I got this, it’s a surprise and it’s all figured out”. I told him being that he never makes these elaborate plans, I was impressed, and excited. What I didn’t know, was that this weekend we were about to grow up together some more, yet again.

Saturday morning felt like 7th grade all over again. Josh ALWAYS slept late and missed home room, and I’d always wake up eager to get to school to see him… just to find out he was still probably sleeping at home. That morning I woke up, so nervous and excited about the surprise. he slept until 12:30 in the afternoon (he was still recovering, catching up on sleep missed throughout the last month because of the accident) while I paced up and down our stairs all morning, sitting around and just waiting. it’s funny how things come back around.

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We made our way out east and pulled up to a mansion called Jedediah Hawkins, an Inn we’ve always discussed going to. I was so excited. We checked into the most beautiful room I’ve ever been in, I have a strong appreciation for pretty places and picture perfect decor. The room had huge windows overlooking acres of the property and a fire place, it was beyond romantic. We spent the next few hours exploring the property. Unfortunately it was pretty cold out so even when we made our way to a nearby vineyard, we drank our glasses of wine indoors, just taking in the beautiful area. Back at the inn we found a small room and had a few more drinks and home made cookies, we laughed and watched some football, and had about an hour before dinner when Josh informed me he wants to give me an early Christmas present but “knows I love the room we are staying in so he will give it to me there.” Also, “no one will be around so it’ll be more private for opening it”

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In our room we started to talk, me asking if it was something I could unwrap, waiting excited to “open something”, meanwhile he was taking his time to go to his bag to pull whatever it was out. Instead, he stood me next to the fire and began talking, these big windows and beautiful views surrounding us. He soon enough was reaching into his pocket (with his good hand, of course) and I practically lost it, leaning in close starting to cry because I realized what was happening. He said beautiful words, eventually getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. He told me he has wanted to for a while and the accident made him want to do it that much sooner. What better time, than Christmas? There really are no words for how I felt in those moments. You imagine it in your head but once it’s there…wow. I think i just kept asking HOW?, considering he wasn’t even able to drive two weeks earlier. He informed me many friends and both our families knew everything, they all helped out, and this made me even more emotionally stunned. First I called my Mom, crying, some more. Then I called his Mom and asked her if she was ok with being my official mother in law someday. That hour before dinner was incredible, and the ring, which I finally got a second to look at, was my absolute dream ring.

I did the math that evening. The one I always knew I would marry, wanted to marry me back. 10 years, 8 months, and 27 days before he asked me to marry him, he had asked me to be his girlfriend for the first time. I wouldn’t trade our life together for anything.

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