Taylor and Josh

How We Met

The summer of 2013, I received a Facebook message the night before I was driving home to Maine from Pennsylvania. All it said was “Hey youu!” I usually ignored messages like this, but we had mutual friends since we grew up in neighboring towns and needless to say, this guy was easy on the eyes. He ended up getting my number and over the next 3 weeks, we spent as much time together as possible. By the time I needed to head back to school, neither of us had expressed our feelings; I’m not sure I was even aware I had any until the morning I left. I had stopped at his house to say goodbye and spent the next hour crying with my head on his chest, but no words were exchanged. I handed him a letter thanking him for the best summer of my life, making it clear that I didn’t have any expectations for us. He had 2 more years left of college in Maine, and I had 2 left in Pennsylvania. With the stress of school, work, and life, I was sure that a successful relationship would be impossible. When I arrived back in PA and started unpacking, I found a t-shirt he had hidden in my suitcase and knew without a doubt, that we would share more than just those last 3 weeks together.

how they asked

Fast forward 3 years – we’re living together in Florida and have adopted 2 dogs. We booked a flight for early November to go home to visit with family and friends while avoiding the holiday craziness. I had a day-date planned with best friend since second grade, Mindy. We went shopping, got our nails done, ate lunch, and she drove me home. When she turned off the ignition, my childhood dog, Hunter, came running towards me with a ribbon tied around his neck.

On the envelope attached, the outside read “Walk towards the pond.” As if on cue, Hunter turned around and headed down the path to the pond. After reading the letter inside, I knew this was it.

There were envelopes containing letters on the trees of the pathway and as I read each one, I cried and I laughed. I came to the clearing and there was Josh, already down on one knee.

I don’t even remember all of what he said, but I can picture the look on his face, the tears in his eyes, and the shaking of our hands as he slid the ring on my finger after I said “YES.”

I immediately recognized the ring, one that’s been in my family for 100 years. The ring I’ve had eyes for since I was 8 years old.