Taylor and Jon

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How We Met

Jon and I met at Colby-Sawyer College in the mountains of New Hampshire. We instantly become friends spending the majority of our time talking about life, goals, and aspirations. After months of talking and getting to know one another something changed. It seemed as though we went from best friends to inseparable over night. With the help and encouragement of our friends and even a $20 dare, we eventually started dating and we’ve never looked back. After several years of maintaining a long distance relationship Jon made the decision to move closer to me. Last year we moved in together and started to build our life together.

how they asked

June 2nd started out like a typical Saturday for us (well at least me). I’m a nurse so I frequently work on the weekends, so we were both so excited to finally have a Saturday off together. We started out the day by having breakfast and no real plans for the day (or so I thought). We decided to hang out by the pool, run errands, and grab lunch. A few hours later I received a text from my cousin, Kirsten, who asked if Jon and I would like to meet up at a local brewery. Now Jon LOVES beer and his initial reaction was,”No I don’t think we should go. I have homework to do and we’re going to go out to dinner later.” But I pressed on and insisted we go out and enjoy the day. Eventually, Jon gave in and said okay lets go, but we have to be home by 4:30 pm. I agreed and off to the brewery we went. We enjoyed several hours out with my cousins, but eventually made our way back home to get ready for dinner. That night Jon was being extra particular about what we both wore to dinner. Jon and I both love to dress up, but this was different, but I chose to overlook this. I was just happy he was taking such a vested interest in our dinner plans and date night. Jon told me our dinner reservations weren’t until 8:45 pm so he suggested we go and grab drinks first and I happily obliged. So off we went to a quaint town about 10-15 minutes from where we live. Jon was unusually quiet and kept checking his phone, but again I chose to ignore this and just enjoy being with my love. As we got off the exit I asked Jon again, “Are we going out for drinks still?” and he said, “Well, umm, I think we should go over by the boathouse and hang out there before dinner.” This is when I started to realize something was up, but I love the boathouse so I was happy to spend time there. Moments later we pulled into the boathouse parking lot, but not the main lot, the side lot. I began to wonder as Jon quickly typed on his phone. A few moments later we got out of the car and decided to walk down towards the riverfront. We held hands and walked towards this beautiful water fountain. We continued to talk casually and I even went as far as to dig in my purse to try and find some coins so that we could make a wish in the water fountain. Seconds later I looked up and heard Jon talking (I’m not 100% sure what he said, but I know he was professing his love to me) and next thing I knew he was down on one knee opening up a ring box. I immediately said yes and asked if he was kidding!!!! He said nope and said oh I have another surprise and told me to turn around. Behind me was my dad and Jon’s dad both taking pictures with their big fancy camera’s and both our mom’s running towards us with balloons and a basket. It was a great celebration with our parents. We popped champagne, took tons of pictures, called our relatives to share the exciting news, and eventually we made it to dinner at J. Gilbert’s, our favorite restaurant. Since that day the celebrations have continued and we look forward to getting married in one year on August 17, 2019!!!!