Taylor and John

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How We Met

After a toxic 6 year relationship ended, I was desperately trying to find someone to “make me whole again”. I met one disappointment after the other for 2 years. I was done with relationships, done looking. But I knew in the back of my mind that I would one day find my “Mr. Perfect”. I still had hope. In September 2015, the restaurant I was working at had a new route driver one day. I kept telling one of my bosses how cute I thought he was. So what did she do? When he was unloading his truck, she went up to him and teased him about when he was going to make a move. I looked forward to seeing him every Wednesday even if we barely spoke to one another and only saw him for a few minutes out of my day. Well, 3 months later he was in the office with me while I was writing him a check for the invoice.

He left his number on the sheet of paper and later that day I texted him. He left it for “business” purposes but we both know why he did and I wasn’t complaining ;) 3 days later we went on our first date. John is the most genuine and kind-hearted guy I have ever met. From day one he made my happiness his top priority. I always knew I’d eventually find the “one” but he exceeds all of those expectations. He treats me like a queen and I could not be more blessed to have him as my other half taking on this crazy world with me. He has completely swept me off my feet and every day with him is a fairytale come true.

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how they asked

Florida has been my second home ever since I was young. My grandparents have lived there since retirement. So for my 24th birthday I asked John about going to Florida for the weekend. A little birthday vacation. We decided to stay with my grandmother so she could meet John and also so I could spend some quality time with her too. My grandfather passed away in March due to Pancreatic Cancer. So I knew visiting would help cheer her up some. The night of my birthday John & I drove down to Clearwater Beach. (my favorite beach) We had dinner reservations at a resort that was on the beach. The resort was absolutely gorgeous and our meal was excellent. After dinner we went outside to the balcony to watch the sunset. Funny thing is, I was glued to my phone trying to check in for our flight the next night but John had other plans and wanted me off of it.

He kept telling me to get off my phone but I insisted I had to get it done! So I finally got off my phone and we enjoyed what was left of the sunset when he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! It was as perfect as it could get. The fact that we got engaged at my favorite place was enough of a fairytale for me.

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But, what made it ten times better was that since the proposal happened in FL I know my grandfather was watching over me and approved.

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After the proposal, we walked down to the beach and watched the 4th of July fireworks. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. A birthday I will never forget!

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