Taylor and John

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How We Met

John and I met online in the fall of 2014. We went on a 4 hour brunch date and the rest was history! Our love was so easy and came so naturally to us, which is what I love best about us!

how they asked

I had a feeling it was coming for a while, but I had told John early on, whenever he did it to try his best to surprise me because I love surprises! A few weeks before Christmas, John suggested we have a date night, just us, at our favorite Italian place before we rush off to see our VERY large families all weekend. So we planned our date night for the Friday before Christmas. This is a very John thing to do so I did not think too much of it!

The day of our date came and we spent the morning with some of my out of town family and I told my cousin I thought it could happen that night! We went home to get ready and John told me he had some special decorations to put up and he wanted to do it before we left, but I could not see them until we came back home. So he left me in our room to get ready while he decorated, and then blindfolded me when it was time to go to dinner to get me out of the house. We had a lovely dinner and headed home. I loved having a special night, just me and him, right before our favorite holiday!

We headed home, and when we pulled in the driveway, I asked John if he needed to go first or if he needed to do anything before I went in. He said no and to go on in the house. So I walked inside, John behind me, and I didn’t see anything at first. He told me to keep going, in the direction of our Christmas tree. I walked up a little closer and saw some new ornaments on our tree that read, “Taylor, Will you marry me?”! I turned around and John was down on one knee and asked if I would be his forever. I was so excited and I wept for at least twenty minutes! He also had made some super cute photo ornaments with some of my favorite photos of us for our tree!

John told me later he wanted to propose this way, because the first thing he and I did together after a few dinner and brunch dates, was decorate my house for Christmas, so Christmas decorating is very special to us and something we always do together!

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Katherine Birckbeck
 | Photographer