Taylor and John

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My now fiance and I will be making a big move to Boston from North Dakota in August so I had planned a little goodbye party with some of our friends at my family’s lake cabin. We had planned on all going out to dinner Friday night before sundown, but a storm rolled in that delayed our plans a bit. After John took a little detour on the “way to the restaurant” we wound up back at my cabin. Obviously confused, I kept asking tons of questions, which he quickly responded with “do you trust me?” after each one. He took me down to the dock and said that he had wanted to go on a little boat ride together and that our friends would be just fine at the restaurant for the night. As it got darker, and I kept getting more suspicious, he started playing some music with some of our favorite songs. He then proceeded to take a blindfold out of his pocket, blindfold me, and began talking about some of our favorite memories together. When the boat finally stopped, he took the blindfold off, and I was staring at our dock. However, on it was the booth from the tiny little dive bar we would always hang out at when we were just friends.

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We always joke that that little booth was where we fell in love. It was decorated with the prettiest lights, candles, and rose pedals. As we stepped onto the dock I started to realize what exactly was going on. We sat down on the booth together, as we had hundreds of times, before and he talked about our relationship, our future, and said the most beautiful words. Finally, he got down on one knee, pulled out my dream ring, and asked me to marry him. Following the proposal, we walked up to the house where our family and friends greeted us with a party and the beer served at our little bar – even the cups were the same! While the rain might have changed his plans, I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and special night – I still can’t believe it!

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