Taylor and Joe

How We Met

This is the first text message Joe ever sent me- and man, did he make good on his promise! A friend of mine ran into my dad at the local gym and she suggested that I meet Joe, since she was dating his best friend. A week later, my dad was playing a baseball game (he’s still playing in an 18+ league!) against Joe’s team… and in the most nonchalant way possible, suggested that he take his grown daughter on a date. Not creepy at all, nope. But I’m sure glad he agreed! I guess dad, and friend, know best!

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how they asked

Joe suggested that we hit up a few casinos on the Las Vegas strip before we went to Planet Hollywood to see Britney Spears in her Piece of Me show!! Which I obliviously thought would be the highlight of our trip. He had just taught me to play Craps the week before, and after a full day already playing we thought we were experts. We started at the Luxor, played a few games, and according to Joe had about a half hour to walk to the Bellagio to see the fountains at 6 (I had no idea they went off every half hour, and he played it like they only went off once a night). This is a 1.6 mile walk that makes you go up and down sky bridges and in and out of other casinos to get there. I kept suggesting that Joe was getting very sweaty (I assumed from the warm weather and long walk) and reminding him that I had towelettes in my purse if he needed one… When we got to the Bellagio, we asked a “random person” to take our picture in front of the fountains (she had actually been set up by family friends of mine to volunteer, so that I STILL wouldn’t suspect anything). I turned to put my purse on the ground for the picture, and heard from behind me the most amazing words- “Tay, will you marry me?” and turned to find MY MAN on his knee! I was shocked, but of course I said yes! We “kibitzed” with our photographer and my family friends, shared the news via phone with our families, and THEN proceeded to go to the most AMAZING SHOW EVER put on by the voice of our generation ;) (Britney, duh). He has made me the happiest girl in the world every day, and especially on this day. We are excited to plan our lives together!
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