Taylor and Joe

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How We Met

Joe and I met on a dating website CoffeeMeetsBagel, which I find highly amusing being as I was always against online dating. It was a snow day, and my best friend and I were sitting in my room and she told me to download it for fun since we were bored. I decided to go ahead and entertain the idea.I really didn’t talk to anyone, but a few people here and there. Joe happened to be one of them and he seemed quite normal and nice to me. I definitely didn’t ask for his number though. I figured when the conversation expired, he would never speak to me again. I really didn’t want to meet anyone offline since I was so old school. He eventually did ask me, and we exchanged numbers. I spoke to him for awhile, and he asked me out on a date on Friday night right before I was leaving for Florida. I agreed to the date, and come that day I decided to cancel. I figured he wouldn’t ask again, and that would be that. He then asked me if I wanted to reschedule, and since he was so sweet I agreed to meet up the following week.

The whole week before we met, we spoke the entire time. He actually was extremely sweet, and I felt bad for canceling the first time. That Friday rolled around fast, and I was actually excited to finally meet him. I felt like I had known him forever, but I was also petrified. I was working retail at the time, so I did not get out until 9 pm. We met at a fancy restaurant, and the wait to eat was going to be an hour. I really didn’t feel like waiting after working all afternoon, so I asked if he wanted to go somewhere simple nearby like Zinburger. He was a little hesitant since he wanted to take me someplace fancier, but I insisted and he agreed. The date went wonderfully, there was no awkward pauses or anything, the conversation just flowed naturally.

He asked me soon after, for another date and being as I was really nervous about getting close to someone again, I decided to put the date off for two weeks. I know, I sucked. We talked every day for the two weeks, and once again time rolled by fast and it was time for another date. That date went just as well as the first, if not better and after that, I just knew I always wanted to see him. For a while we only got to see each other on the weekends being as we lived forty minutes away from each other, sometimes only one day out of the weekend reserving one for our friends. It was hard, but we got through it and most definitely worth it.

A few months rolled around, and I was supposed to be moving. We had talked earlier about moving in together later on, but decided why should I have to move twice in one year? That would be such a pain and hassle. We decided to move in together earlier than planned, but it worked out in our favor nonetheless. Unfortunately, during the time he was planning on asking me all along, my beautiful mother passed away. He had been planning to ask me around the holidays, but that was soon pushed back being as I just needed time to grieve. For quite awhile, I was having a hard time as one would obviously assume, but after a while was feeling a little better.

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how they asked

Come February, after dating over a year now, is when it all went down. It was a Friday night, I had gotten home from work and was cleaning the house. I actually wasn’t feeling well at all and was planning on staying in for the night. It was a chilly Friday night at first, I cleaned the house and was doing laundry. Since I was not feeling well, he cooked us dinner and we relaxed for a little while. I was feeling a little better, and he was asking if I wanted to go out which after awhile I most certainly did.

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He had asked if I wanted to do something spontaneous, and drive down the shore since we usually drive down to Weehawken or Hoboken and look at the water, and walk on the coast in the warmer weather. I agreed since it was something different from what we normally do which was all part of his plan. We left the house around 9 pm and drove down to Asbury Park. As soon as we got there, I was under the impression we were staying in the car just enjoying being there, so I had asked, “We aren’t getting out, are we? It’s so cold,” which he responded “Of course we are! Let’s go look at the water.” I was so grumpy and in no mood, I hate the cold! When we got out, I kept asking if we could go back to the car, and he kept insisting just a little longer.

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We were standing by McLoone’s Bar on the boardwalk just watching the water and listening to the waves. It was quite peaceful and I was actually enjoying it. He said out of nowhere he was going to take a photo, so I said: “Yes, me too!” Little did I know, he was not reaching for his phone, he was reaching for the ring. As I looked up from getting my phone, he was on one knee asking me to marry him, it happened so fast and was so beautiful, which of course I said yes! Little did I know, his sister and brother in law were hiding out and captured the whole thing, video, and photos from a rooftop. They were there to share in the special moment, and drove over an hour to be there! It was such a beautiful day, and I couldn’t have imagined anything better.

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