Jessica and Taylor

How We Met

We met in Orlando, FL in March 2016. We both were there on a business trip. We had both attended this same work conference for the last three years, but never met. Amazing how timing can be just right sometimes. We also happened to live an hour away from each other in CA. So once we both made it back to California we went to dinner and the rest is history.

how they asked

It was late morning on Saturday Apr 22nd and I was getting ready putting my makeup on and doing my hair to meet up with some friends at a Mac n Cheese food festival! While getting ready Taylor came in and grabbed me and started slow dancing (which we never do, haha)…

He then asked if this is how we would dance at our wedding one day. He started dipping me and twirling me and as I spun back maybe after the third twirl he was on a knee ring in hand and asked “will you marry me”.

I started crying instantly said yes and sat on his knee hugging him. Our two pups were there to witness the whole thing. It was the easiest yes of my life :)

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In our house with our two dogs in Bakersfield Ca

Special Thanks

Danielle Determan
Engagement Photo