Taylor and Jeremy

How We Met

When I was hired for my dream job teaching 4th grade back in 2014 I had what life had in store for me. Being a first year teacher, I was given a mentor who was also my grade level partner. Then one evening after school I was in my first session of my grad school class and of course who sat next to me but Jeremy, my mentor at work. Naturally the professor partnered us up on a semester long project. Three years, two dogs, and two apartments later and the rest is history.

how they asked

During our beach vacation in Rodanthe, NC (yes Nicholas Sparks fans that Rodanthe!) this past summer we were walking our dogs along the beach one evening. After a very long walk we returned to our house which was 2 doors down from the Rodanthe Pier. Jeremy really wanted to go for a walk along the pier and I was adamant that I was hot and tired. We had just walked our dogs and I did not want to go on another walk. He convinced me that music was playing on the pier that night and he wanted to check it out. During our walk he started acting weird-talking about the colors and names of the houses, and the colors of the sunset. As we took the corner right t the peak of a North Carolina sunset there was a sign along the pier in the sand that said “Will You Marry Me?”

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rodanthe, NC

He instantly dropped to one knee and I started to cry. I remember him telling me to stop crying so I could listen. He poured his heart out to me and I will never forget what he said. Of course I said yes and we will be married on the beaches of Punta Cana on July 15, 2019.