Taylor and James

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How We Met

About a week after me and my sweetheart started dating, we watched her favorite childhood movie that she had been raving to me about called “Meet Joe Black”. If you’ve ever seen the movie it’s honestly a little bit funny because it’s kind of weird. It’s not exactly a typical “favorite movie” for a nine year old girl , BUT Brad Pitt’s the star so that could be it. I’ll spare you the details about what the movie is about but, they are a few very romantic scenes from the movie that were filmed at a beautiful mansion on the water where Brad Pitt takes his love into his arms and says, “I love you now. I love you always.”

It made Taylor light up when she watched the scene. I remember watching her smile so big and thinking to myself, “I’m going to marry this girl and I’m going ask her at that mansion.” We had been dating a week and I just knew it.

Fast forward a year. I never forgot that moment. We watched the movie a few more times and I just loved watching her smile during those parts. The words “I love you now and I love you always” kind of became our love’s slogan.

Goodness, writing about all of this just makes me stop and think about how in love with this girl I am. I’m telling you man, there’s nothing like loving and being loved so hard that you just lose yourself. I absolutely love it.

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how they asked

Anyway, it was June of 2016 and I knew it was time to start planning. I found out through some research that the mansion where the movie was actually filmed was called “Warwick Mansion” in Warwick, Rhode Island. It’s an incredible place. It’s right on the water. It reminds you of something out of a fairy tale. I called the mansion and found out that there was a Christmas party being held on December 16th. I told them Taylor and I’s story and how I wanted to propose to her and they said it would be OK if I crashed the party! I was ecstatic. The only issue is, we lived in Denver, Colorado.

How would I get her to Warwick, Rhode Island of all places and surprise her. I had an idea. Taylor is a make up artist who travels for work sometimes. I called her boss and told him the idea. He scheduled her a fake makeup job in Warwick, Rhode Island for a Christmas party. It would be “super elegant so she should show up the party looking as nice as she could.” I knew she would want to look her best (although I think she always looks genuinely perfect) so that’s how we prepped her for that. I’m an actor and I told her that I got booked for a McDonald’s commercial in Pittsburgh so I had to leave a day before she did for Rhode Island. She actually bought it! She totally believed me! It’s kind of sad though because she was so excited and I completely lied. She actually cried because she was so excited for me. I felt so bad! So, I left for Rhode Island a day before her and she had no idea. She really thought I was in Pittsburgh.

My best friend, who I must say skipped his family Christmas to be there, came with me. He’s a legend. I also brought out a photographer from Minnesota with me. Taylor arrived in Rhode Island the next day (at the same hotel) so me and my friends had to hide in our rooms for the whole day. We got to the party early and waited for Taylor to get there. She arrived to the mansion looking absolutely INCREDIBLE and thinking she would be doing makeup. My best friend walks up to her in the lobby of the mansion and she freaks out! She knew this was the mansion.

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She’s so shocked. I swear, I thought she was going to find out what was going on. My best friend led her around the mansion to different rooms where the movie was filmed and in each room he would call a different family member of ours on the phone; and they would read a hand written message by me to her. I guess by this point she had figured out she was getting proposed to obviously and she was balling. Finally, he led her to the back of the mansion where the final scene in the movie was filmed. This was our scene! I myself couldn’t believe it. She walked down the stairs and it was exactly like the movie.

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I took her into my arms, said the words “I love you now and I love you always.” I dropped to a knee and asked her to marry me.

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Thank God she said yes! It was a dream come true for me to experience a fairy tale like this. I can’t believe that I get to marry her.

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Special Thanks

Daniel Hastings
 | Best Friend (the one who skipped Christmas for us)
Perry Smith
 | Photographer
Joyce Kelly
 | Wardrobe and Planning