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Jackson and I’s love at first sight hit us smack in the face…literally! The summer before freshman year at The University of Oklahoma, we both were heading to freshman orientation camp not knowing we would find our forever soulmate. Camp Crimson is an event held each summer for future Sooners to meet other classmates, learn more about the university, and get excited about starting the college journey. On the second night of camp, a group of us were playing basketball at the recreation center and hanging out. Now if you know me, I’m not the most coordinated when it comes to most sports, besides cheerleading. As I was going to shoot the ball, I felt myself smack my arm into somebody’s face behind me.

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Little did I know, I had just given my future husband a nosebleed from an innocent game of basketball-horse! I immediately went and grabbed Jackson’s face feeling so embarrassed that I had just hit a complete stranger. The rest of the night, we sat outside talking and getting to know each other over a bloody nose. A few of our friends that we met that night, who are now bridesmaids and groomsmen in our wedding, still joke around with us about me, “knocking out prince charming.” During the rest of the camp, we got to create more fun memories together, like laughing about our retro night outfits that are pictured here. Fast forward four years later, that little moment at camp still holds a special place in our hearts!

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For our college graduation present, my family surprised us with a Mediterranean cruise to France, Spain, and Italy. Both of us had never been to Europe, so this was a trip we were both looking forward to. Because Rome was a city I wanted to explore more before embarking on our cruise, we had planned on flying into the heart of Italy a few days early so that we could see as much of Rome as we could. The night before our cruise departed, we had booked a walking food and wine tour in Rome. I was ecstatic about this excursion because what could be better than food, wine, and Rome?! However, a week before we were scheduled to fly to Italy, my mom called saying the tour had been canceled because not enough people had signed up, so the travel agent needed to reschedule the excursion for a date after we returned from our cruise.

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I was definitely bummed since I was looking forward to this magical night, but Jackson assured me we would still have a great time since he made a reservation at an amazing restaurant right across the street from our hotel. Little did I know, the tour wasn’t canceled; this was all part of his engagement plan! On the day we flew out of Dallas, I was so excited to finally experience Europe with my sweetie! Jackson seemed to be antsy the whole plane ride there, which was unusual since he typically falls asleep the moment we take off. I was oblivious to the fact that my future engagement ring was in his pocket the entire way there! Once we arrived in Europe and got settled in and walked around Rome before we had to go back and get ready for our dinner reservation. Jackson seemed to be very relaxed and more like himself, so I definitely had no idea what was about to happen in a few hours. After getting ready, Jackson mentioned heading to a bar to have a few glasses of wine before our reservation.

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I was totally okay with this, not knowing he needed a little liquid courage to ease his nerves before he, “asked the big question.” Once we had a few drinks and some good laughs, we headed to our dinner reservation. Our table was on the top floor of the beautiful restaurant Mirabelle. It was such a picture perfect view! I had noticed that we had the entire top floor of the restaurant to ourselves, except for a couple sitting at a table across from us taking pictures of the view, or at least that’s what I thought they were doing. I didn’t think anything of it since dinnertime in Italy is typically later in the evening than the time we eat in the U.S. I was enjoying the view, our delicious bruschetta, and a glass of Pinot Noir when Jackson nervously went to the restroom.

I felt like something was going on since Jackson wasn’t acting himself, but I would have never guessed I was about to be a fiancé when he came back to the table. As he came back to his seat, I remember him talking about our future together and all the amazing memories we have had. It’s difficult to remember the exact conversation because as he was talking, all I remember was him reaching into his pocket and feeling my heart begin to beat so fast. At that exact moment, I knew exactly what was about to happen.

I was overjoyed with excitement as Jackson got down on one knee. Of course, I said, “YES” about a million times as my heart was still in shock. My emotions definitely took over as tears of joy came streaming down my face. The couple across the table ended up being undercover photographers video recording the entire proposal and capturing our amazing dinner together in photographs. The rest of the evening, we celebrated with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and a walk down to the Spanish Steps in the city of love! Rome has definitely made a stamp on my heart forever!

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