Taylor and Ian

Image 1 of Taylor and IanHow We Met: Ian & I met at a social gathering through mutual friends. As soon as I saw him I couldn’t help myself I HAD to say something to him! But what was I going to say…I was clueless on how to “pick up” a guy. After a couple alcoholic beverages I thought I was on cloud nine..I walked up to him and said “your so cute, you look like your afraid to talk to girls” not so smooth on my part for a first good impression haha. He laughed awkwardly..at that time my favorite song came on, I really wanted to chat with Ian but my friends were pulling me to the dance floor..so I grabbed Ian’s hand and pulled him along with me. Here we are total strangers, don’t even know each other’s names..dancing the night away. We finally got off the dance floor had a small casual conversation, exchanged social media accounts and went our separate ways.

The next day I just had to giggle at myself for that silly comment I made to him!! Who says that! What an awful “pick up line” So hours go by that day and I would catch myself thinking about this random cutie I met last night. I get home and decide to scroll though his instagram account. So here I am again knowing I have to say something to redeem myself. But what was I going to say? I just thought to myself go all in Taylor what’s the worse that can happen. So I shoot him a small message saying hey it was nice meeting you last night, want to meet for lunch today? He responded with sorry I’m at work. My thoughts after reading his response was I BLEW he totally REJECTED me. So I respond with hope you have a good day at work if you have any free time soon feel free to contact me I would love to grab lunch or dinner. He responds with his phone number. I text him right away. We texted all day and planned to met later that night for dinner..dinner went great, the next day he invited me for a helicopter ride..he’s a pilot. After that ride with him I was head over heels for him! The next following weeks we spent every day together going fishing,going to the zoo,shopping,long boarding ect. It was history from there!!

how they asked: The best day of my life happened January 4th 2015

Ian and I decided to go to Huguenot Beach. I had never been there before r. I was excited to just relax with him on that Sunday at the beach. As we are parking the sun goes away, the clouds get dark and the beach clears out within minutes. We just drove 45 min so we decide to stay. We walked along the beach just talking about life. There was a sailboat washed up to shore so we decided to go check that out. As we are walking the wind starts picking up and small rain starts to hit us. Ian checks the radar and says we are about to get hit with a huge storm. So I suggest to go back to the car and head home. As I’m turned around looking at the dark clouds Ian grabs my hand kneels on the ground and asked me to marry him!!! I was speechless and cought off guard I had no idea what to say or do. So I just stood there smiling and laughing with no response. I was so nervous I just covered my face with my hands. Ian stands up gives me a huge hug and kiss and asked what my response was…I said yes!!! He attempts to slip my dream ring on my finger…it didn’t fit!! So Ian licks my finger and jams the ring on my finger. How romantic right haha!! Just as looked down at the ring for the first time sand starts flying everywhere, and it starts to pour down rain. So we run to the car pop open the trunk door and sit and watch the storm go by! Not your typical romantic engagement story but i will always remember and love to tell that story.