Taylor and Hunter

How We Met

Hunter and I met on the first day of class. As a senior, the first day of classes are not a big deal anymore. It was an evening class and I had come straight from work at a clinic for children with autism. So at best, I looked decent with dirt and lunch remnants smeared on my jacket. I saw him walk in and immediately recognized him from Freshman year. We lived in the same dorms, but he had his socal friends and I though he was the coolest kid around. Fast forward 3 years, he comes to sit next to me and introduces himself that first day. He would try to walk with me out of class, but I was so intimidated I would run the other way to prevent me from saying anything embarrassing. After a few class periods he asked for my number, we went on our first date that night and the rest is history!

Image 1 of Taylor Ann and Hunter

Image 2 of Taylor Ann and Hunter

how they asked

It was our first day on Thanksgiving break and we flew to Seattle to be with my family. The previous week my Dad had texted me saying we were going to the city on Saturday because it was going to be good weather (have to take advantage of that when we can). In the city, we took Hunter to the EMP, Pikes Place, and then dinner on the water at my favorite restaurant. We were in a rush to get through dinner for my brothers high school play off game. When we were walking back to the car we passed the ferris wheel. My Dad said “Oh I promised your brother we would do this”. After he bought the tickets he said that the five of us wouldn’t fit in one gondola, and that Hunter and I should get on first and they would follow. We got on, the sun was setting, and he started playing our favorite song in the gondola. We were talking and I turned around to enjoy the view. When I looked back, the man of my dreams was on one knee with a gorgeous ring! I should have seen it coming but I was SO surprised!
Image 3 of Taylor Ann and Hunter

Image 4 of Taylor Ann and Hunter