Taylor and Geoff

How We Met

Taylor’s Version: Geoff and I met through friends and began seeing each other just prior to a trip to Asia I had been planning. Thanks to Geoff’s good looks we hit it off right away! Our first date was at Village ice cream where Geoff took me for a sweet treat before we watched fireworks over the city. It was all very romantic but I was headed on a long trip so I didn’t take our relationship too seriously at first. I said goodbye and headed off on my journey…or so I thought. Love letters every single day of my trip came in by email and video chat!

Taylor and Geoff's Engagement in Village Ice Cream

During one of our many conversations, Geoff told me about a trip he had planned with his friends; they were headed to the Philippines. He invited me to meet them there on none other than February 14th.. very sneaky. The rest is history, after sharing a bathroom in Asia all bets are off.

Geoff’s Version: Taylor and I knew of each other for a couple of years before finally “meeting” one hot summer June evening. After having a few dates and eventually some sleepovers, I gave her her very own spare toothbrush head. We then didn’t see each other for months..hope the toothbrush didn’t scare her off.

Fate would have it that she would work up the street from me and life just couldn’t keep us apart. We started hanging out again – the only problem was that she was taking off on a southeast Asian vacation with no return ticket. I tricked her into coming to hockey games and to Christmas dinner and she kept crying every time we talked about her leaving.

I ended up emailing and talking to her every day and followed her over to SE Asia where we rendezvoused in the Philippines. It’s been game on ever since and, it turns out that what she really wanted was to use the same toothbrush head as me since we share the same one now!

Where to Propose in Village Ice Cream

How They Asked

That year we were playing on a recreational dodgeball team. We decided to go for ice cream with a couple of our friends after the game. As we arrived at the store I noticed a friend from work was inside, I then saw another friend from the gym. I walked in and said “thanks for the invite” in order to bring our few friends together to realize they were all coincidentally in the same place!

Somehow I was still not the least bit suspicious but Geoff knew I would figure it out soon enough. He quickly dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him!! I then proceeded to say “you’re not marrying me?!” “Are you marrying me?!” numerous times before finally saying YES!

I was overjoyed and so excited. As I looked around I noticed more and more of our close friends and family squeezed into the tiny ice cream shop. Our first date was at Village ice cream and he had invited our friends and family to be at a meaningful location for the proposal. It was perfect!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Grace Larson
 | Photographer