Taylor and Gaston

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How We Met

My junior year of high school I was walking in the school parking lot like every other day. While walking, an unfamiliar face caught my eye and I asked my best friend at the time who this unfamiliar person was. She explained that he was new to our school and that he had just transferred. Later that day I told my best friend that the new boy we saw in the parking lot would be my boyfriend one day and I would make sure of it! One month later the “new boy” asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. After dating for one year Gaston and I made a huge decision as two crazy 18 year olds and that decision was to move from our small town in Texas to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. For 8 years we have grown as individuals and have grown as a couple. Not matter where we lived, Texas, Colorado or Wyoming, we became stronger and closer as time went on.This photo is at are high school prom in 2009.

how they asked

On March 16th, Gaston took me to the exact location where me asked me to be his girlfriend 8 years ago. He then brought out to very special wine bottles. On the back of each bottle is a detailed story of how this special wine was made, starting in 2008. This story explains how this wine started in a small town in Texas, was shipped to a mountain in Colorado and then made its way to a farm in Wyoming. That this wine has had the opportunity to age for 8 years and now 8 years later this wines story is closing a chapter. This wine has aged well but its next chapter is where it ages to perfection. The story of this wine is far from over. Most believe after 8 years it finished, but truly it has only just begun. The name of this wine, “Will You Marry Me? Moscato”

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