Taylor and Franek

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Catalina Island, CA

How We Met

We met in Pensacola, FL. Where I am from and he was living while in Flight School. Our first date was to an Italian restaurant (his favorite) and I apparently impressed him by ordering a “real beer.” We had great conversation and the time flew by. We ended up sitting there until the restaurant closed and didn’t even realize it, our server brought us a final round on the house (Franek had already paid the bill) and we thanked him finished our beers and conversation and went on our way. I did not want the evening to end, it was truly magical. So we made plans for the next day. He invited me to go watch football with him and his roommates. Being from Wisconsin he’s a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan and they were playing against the Cowboys in the first round of the Divisional Playoffs. We had so much fun watching the game and getting to hang out/meet his friends. His friends kept grilling me on all things football related to see if I passed the test (apparently I did.) The Packers ended up winning after a thrilling game. He asked me to a movie the next day, and we have been inseparable ever since.

Now after almost two years, a cross country move, and adopting the most precious pup together, we’re engaged and couldn’t be happier!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Catalina Island, CA

how they asked

One of Franek’s oldest friends, Max, was visiting us out in San Diego (where we live now.) Franek is apart of a flight club and wanted to get one more flight in before his upcoming deployment :( We decided it’d be the perfect time to fly out to Catalina Island to spend the day. Franek and I flew there in August for my birthday, but we were not able to spend as much time on the island as we would have liked. This go around, we planned to go really early and spend as much time exploring as we could. Now, Mother Nature was not exactly on our side. It NEVER rains in Southern California right?! Well, not that weekend- it decided to storm like crazy. For whatever reason it poored the night before, and there were spotty storms the day of. Franek was worried about being able to make it out there, and I was already looking for alternative for us to do with Max. Franek woke up extremely early that Saturday to check the weather. He decided it was doable, so to the airport we went. We did end up encountering a little rain on the way that had me a bit worried, but Franek is an excellent pilot and we made it through and out of no where Catalina Island came in to full view and the skies opened up. Franek made a perfect landing and off to catch out bus we went. The airport on Catalina is called the Airport in the Sky, as it is on top of a mountain, so you have to take a 30 minute shuttle ride down to the City of Avalon. Franek repurchased our shuttles tickets (lessen learned from our first trip) and we thought the departure time was 10, but it was actually 9:30, we landed at 9:40. Luckily the driver saw us and waited! We walked around Avalon a bit and then rented a golf cart to go tour the island. The rental company had a map all planned out for us so away we went. Stopping frequently for pictures.

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Taylor and Franek's Engagement in Catalina Island, CA

Where to Propose in Catalina Island, CA

One of the main stops on the tour is the Wrigley Botanical Gardens. We parked the golf cart and went in to explore. This isn’t your typical garden due to the dry climate. It was filled with succulents, beautiful cacti, and other interesting plants I have never seen before. At the top of the garden is a huge tower the Wrigley’s built in honor of the founder of the company. It was breathtaking, but a hike up there. Considering the shoes I had on weren’t exactly hiking shoes I wasn’t too keen on making the trek. Alas, after some encouragement from Franek and Max I went. And I am glad I did. I was taking some pictures of Max and Franek, then asked Max to take some of us, apparently falling right in to Franek’s plan. I began fixing my hair for the pic (it was windy okay) and turn around to see Franek staring solely at me while got down on one knee. An expletive is the first thing that came out of my mouth (embarrassing I know) and then I listened as the man of my dreams asked me to marry him. I must have blacked out a bit and when I came back to I repeated yes probably a million times, Franek wrapped me in the best hug I’ve ever received, and reminded me about the ring he had to put on my finger. Shaking a good bit I lifted my hand to him and watched in awe as he slid the most beautiful ring I have ever seen on to my finger.

We toured the rest of the island and everything seemed to get a bit brighter as the day went on. The drizzling rain stopped and the sun made its way out. Max was the real MVP taking one million photos of us everywhere we went. The time came and we headed back to the airport to fly back to San Diego. We encountered breathtaking views on our flight back and caught a magical SoCal sunset.

The surprises didn’t stop there as Franek let me know he had dinner planned with all of our closest friends. We got changed into some nicer clothes and headed downtown to the most amazing restaurant called The Oceanaire- seafood, which is my favorite. We were met there by all of our friends and had the best time celebrating through the night. I am truly one lucky girl to be loved by such a thoughtful man and to have all of the amazing people in our lives who helped make this day so perfect.