Taylor and Evan

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how we met

I was running the service department for a property management company that owned some upscale apartments. I was working at Greystone summit apartments that day and Taylor just happened to walk in looking for a place to live. She was by far the most stunning women I had ever seen. I desperately wanted to talk to her but all I could muster was a brief Hi as she walked past me in the office. I know very lame ha-ha. Taylor being the person she is, not only got the apartment she wanted but she was also offered a job. Neither of us knew the impact that day would have on our lives. So we were able to finally talk a little at work while we had time here and there, It took a little effort but I was finally able to talk her into going to dinner with me J. I knew she loved sushi so I took her to Japanese steakhouse here in Knoxville. After our first date we started spending much more time together. As crazy as this sounds, I knew from the first date we had something special. I started saving for her engagement ring very shortly after that. I remember talking to my parents about Taylor that next day, still in shock that someone like Taylor would be interested in me and how absolutely crazy I was about her. The next few months seemed to fly by as we moved in together after just dating for a short time. So then the real planning began!

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how they asked

We are a very open couple, so if something is on our mind we generally share it with little hesitation. I say that to say this, one of Taylors “Short” requests for a proposal was “I better have my hair done and my nails as well!” So I started to think how I could pull off a proposal and make sure it was perfect. I told her in September that my parents wanted some fall pictures of us for their Christmas present. As you know we used JoPhoto, they were in on it from the get go and they were awesome to work with. I even had her parents surprise her the day of the proposal, they drove 12 hours from upstate New York just to be here for that day. How I kept this all a secret I’ll never know, I am the worst at hiding anything! So the day of the proposal was unseasonably warm, or it could have been the fact I was going to ask my best friend to marry me that day! So shortly into the first few photos I told Taylor that I had a great idea for a picture.

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I got down on one knee, took the ring box I was hiding in my boot out and told her, I couldn’t imagine a life without you in it, And I never want to. Will you Marry me Taylor. I truly believe she had no idea it was coming.

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Towards the end of the photo shoot we took some solo pictures, which in turn gave me time to text her parents to let them know to head that way. Luckily they were right down the road and came driving up as we were walking towards the last session of pictures.

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It couldn’t have worked out better! The day was truly a blur; it all seemed to happen so fast and seemed like the day would never come. But I’m glad to say that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and there isn’t a single thing I would change.

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