Taylor and Eric

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How We Met

Eric and I met at the University of Central Florida through mutual friends in the summer of 2015. A friend and I were invited to his home on Lake Pickett to hang out swim, and although I had seen him a couple times before, I knew when I saw him at the lake that day I wanted to get to know him better. That day at the lake I had my phone out and was taking pictures and he had asked me to text the pictures to him, and I remember feeling so excited because I had his number without even having to ask him. I’m generally a shy person, so naturally several weeks later after a happy hour at AppleBees with friends (shout out to you Madi) I texted him and asked when he was taking me fishing. Our first unofficial date was a bonfire in the woods and riding the four wheelers around with all of his friends, and of course we stayed up all night talking. It was then that I knew I loved him, and the rest his history!

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Eric lived on Lake Pickett in a home his family owns (or Pickett as we so affectionately named it) when I met him in March, and we spent the summer of 2015 in the sun on the water having the time of our lives. Summer came to an end and I graduated college and moved back home to start my accounting career and Eric moved away from Lake Pickett. Although we were long distance, and everything seemed to be going great, I couldn’t shake the feeling of being homesick for Orlando. Eight short months later I was headed back to Orlando with all my things, and my horse “Red” to live the barn life in a small house down a dirt road outside of Orlando, next door to Eric. He and I settled for this new farm style of life even though every once in a while I dreamt about Pickett and of course I told him every time: “dang do I miss Pickett.” A year went by and I worked on my next college degree, as did Eric.. we rode horses and the four wheelers, had bonfires and plenty of good times. One day Eric called me and said he had something to tell me: his dad had asked him to move back into Pickett.

Two weeks after moving in, Eric’s mother texted and asked Eric, myself, his brother, sister and to go to dinner Friday night, to which I of course said yes. Eric asked me to meet him at Pickett, and when I got there we walked upstairs. I was busy asking him which scarf he liked on me better when I realized he was staring out the back window, and I asked him what he was looking at. He told me that his brother Justin, a professional photographer, was down at the lake taking pictures and asked me if I wanted to go down to the lakeside and snap a few for some winter pictures. I said yes and we wandered down to the lake where Eric asked Justin to take a couple pictures to which he hesitantly (and all part of the plan) replies “of what?” He starts to take pictures of us, posing us perfectly and suddenly says Eric step a couple steps to the right. At this point I’m confused and say, “why would he do that,” and no sooner did those words come out that I look at Eric and he’s down on his knee. He told me how much he loved me, and how much of an incredible woman I am, and that we got our start at Lake Pickett, and that he also wanted our next start at Lake Pickett. Of course I said YES!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lake Pickett, Orlando FL

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