Taylor and Eric

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How We Met

Eric and I started dating my junior year of high school. His best friend messaged me asking “if I thought Eric was hot” to which I, of course, said yes- he was a super cute “senior boy” who I was attracted to. He told me Eric was still scared to text me, so I was the first to reach out. We met for our first date at a drive-in burger place local to Akron, Ohio (Swenson’s) a few days later, and the rest was history. It took Eric 4 months to ask me out, despite multiple “ultimatums” from my best friends. We spent the entire summer after Eric’s graduating falling in love— Summer country concerts, drive-in movies, and lake boat rides. At the end of the summer, Eric professed his love for me answer we made the tough choice of staying together despite him leaving for college 4.5 hours away (without a car).

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We spent the next 5 years doing long distance and making it work. It was never easy, but we learned so much more about one another and we’re forever thankful for it. Communication was all we had, and there wasn’t a physical basis for our relationship. After Eric graduated, he moved back to our hometown to pursue her graduate degree in architecture. A year later, I moved back to do the same thing and transferred my graduate credits to the same university so we could graduate with our Masters together. After one tough year, we graduated and promptly started working. A few months later, we made the jump to live together and the rest has been history!

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how they asked

For all those who asked, here’s the story of the day I’ve been waiting for since high school ?

Eric and I spontaneously planned a vacation about 2 months ago based on an awesome flight deal. Since that time, I’ve probably been asked over 200 times if it was going to “finally happen after 7 years of dating,” to which I said there’s a 98% chance not- it was a trip for fun and he wouldn’t travel with a ring internationally. Boy, was I 100% wrong.

Although our Punta Cana resort was all-inclusive, you had to make reservations at the different restaurants each night. On Wednesday, we had a seafood dinner planned for 7pm. On our way walking to dinner, Eric said, “Actually, I had something a little different in mind for tonight.” (To which my heart started racing) Low and behold, he had planned a private candlelit dinner on the beach with wine and the best lobster I’ve ever had.

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During dinner, the wind started picking up like crazy and dark clouds could be seen rolling up in the distance. It was so windy, my napkin literally blew off my lap. Minutes later, it started sprinkling and quickly turned into pouring. Our waiter and the photographer sprinted away to take cover, leaving us completely alone on the beach in the rain. Eric ducked under the table to look for my napkin, only to come back up on one knee with a ring asking me to marry him. We spent the next 10 minutes just hugging and crying on the beach by ourselves in the pouring down rain, with not a care in the world other than one another.

It was the ONLY time it had poured our whole trip, I may not have fancy pictures due to a fleeting photographer, and Eric’s plan might not have gone 100%, but I wouldn’t have it any. other. way. Raw, intimate, and genuine. God’s blessing poured over us that evening on the beach in so many ways. And we’ve had the greatest outpouring of love & support since that day. We’re so excited for this next chapter of our story!

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