Taylor and Emily

how we met

Taylor and I met for the first time at Local on the Square in Midtown. We had been talking off and on online for about a month (if you include the time that he ignored me).


how they asked

Taylor – The proposal had been planned since December 2019. I knew very early on that the date of it was going to be June 6th, which lined up a year and a half after our first date. I also knew it had to happen at Shelby Farms, since that was the place I truly fell in love with her. Her dog Natoka also had to be involved, because she truly is the love of her life.Emily – Taylor told me that he had arranged for mommy and me pictures with my dog Natoka, because she is the love of my life, at Shelby Farms. He arranged the shoot with his close friend Michelle and we arranged the date and had my best friend, Amber, and step parents, Dawn and Doug, to come along to help assist with Natoka. We had been taking pictures just Natoka and I, both in our matching Colts jerseys and out, when Michelle directed me to walk down on of the trails ahead with Natoka so that she could take photos from behind. That is when I noticed Taylor down the path. He had a whole setup with blanket, rose petals, a picnic basket filled with the best treats (cool ranch Doritos for the win), and champagne. I don’t remember anything he said (luckily he recorded it) and wasn’t sure I said yes because I was so excited and freaking out. I had suspicions before but those thoughts completely went away while taking photos with Natoka, so I was completely caught off guard by the proposal.

Special Thanks

Michelle Evans Art
 | Photography
Shelby Farms Park
 | Location