Taylor and Elliot

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How We Met

Elliot and I met in high school, in choir class specifically. I remember first talking to him in winter 2013 when the winter dance was quickly approaching. He asked me to dance, and I remember one of the first things my parents said was, “Well, you can’t marry him….or else your name will be Taylor Taylor”. At the time we laughed, and my 16-year-old self had no idea that my prom date would be my future husband! We started dating shortly after the dance and even got to be on homecoming court together senior year.

After high school, we went to colleges 3 hours away and were long distance for over 4 years while we both pursued our passions. We stayed together the whole time, always planning to move to Chicago together after graduation. Finally in May 2020, despite some of the challenges with COVID-19, Elliot got a job in Chicago and flew out to move in with me!

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How They Asked

My parents were coming into town this past weekend to see our new apartment for the first time. We were so excited to see them, and we planned out the whole weekend a few weeks prior. My family and I love bike riding, so we had planned to go for a long bike ride up to Chicago’s lakefront and then take a walk through Lincoln Park. Seeing as Lincoln Park in the fall is my FAVORITE, I was so excited!

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The four of us were walking to my favorite spot (the pond overlooking the park with the skyline in the background) and he popped the question! He reminded me that spot was where we took our first photo together when he moved, and for him, it signified the start of our much-anticipated lives together in the same city! My parents were there to take photos/videos which meant so much to them. The day was absolutely perfect and we couldn’t be happier!

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