Taylor and Elias

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How We Met

Elias and I have known “of” each other since elementary school, but we never really talked until last summer, when we connected over our love of books, style, and travel. In the midst of statewide lockdowns, we began using our imaginations to embark on elegant adventures in our own hometown…

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How They Asked

I’d just submitted my senior thesis for college when my mom told me that she had an “elegant and romantic” date planned for me and Elias to celebrate the accomplishment. I didn’t think much of it at the time, because my mom is always sending the two of us off on exciting adventures, but I started to get a little suspicious when Elias seemed to be one step ahead of my mom’s mystery instructions. By the time he’d led me down a path strewn with rose petals to a soundtrack of “our” songs, I knew something was up.

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But it was only when we rounded the corner and stepped into a wooded amphitheater carved into a hill overlooking a babbling brook that I finally figured it out. The “will you marry me” banners and “just engaged” cake was the first to tip me off, followed almost immediately by Elias dropping to one knee and holding out the actual ring of my dreams. As my mom snapped pictures in the background, I said a somewhat flabbergasted “yes” and wrapped my arms around Elias before he could even stand up!

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After an impromptu engagement photo shoot, we spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on a picnic blanket, eating the gourmet European-style picnic that my mom had prepared, and toasting to a beautiful future together.

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Special Thanks

Terry Roelke
 | Planning