Taylor and Edward

Taylor and Edward's Engagement in Nashville, TN

How We Met

I didn’t like to dance before I met Edward. We first met when Edward asked me to dance, and I said no. I would soon learn how charming and persistent this man could be.

It took many months and a move across the country to Nashville before I would meet Edward again. On my first night in Nashville, my roommate dragged me out to The Big Band Dance at Centennial Park. Edward was tall and handsome and witty, and I was hooked. But he asked me to dance, and again I said no. I knew I was in trouble when he replied, “I’ll teach you to dance sometime if you cook me dinner.” Before I knew it, I learned to cook! The dancing took a little bit longer.

Edward and I had gone on a first date that went really well, but I was still unsure that I wanted to seriously date anybody since I had just moved to Nashville. I kept playfully dodging his creative 2nd date ideas, but it was getting more difficult to say no! It was around this time that I was hosting a swing dance fundraiser for a Ugandan Rufugee Center. Edward asked to be my date to the fundraiser, but before I could answer, my friend Courtney goes, “You can take her as your date if you get 100 sponsors for the dance!” The two of them bartered before my eyes and agreed Edward had to get 72.5 sponsors to take me to the dance (but again, I just thought they were just being funny).

Two days later, I get a Facebook event invite for “Edward’s 26th Birthday for Uganda” where he asked friends and family to bring donations instead of gifts. By the end of Edward’s birthday party in his parent’s backyard, he handed me a stack of cash donations and said he would see me at the fundraiser for our 2nd date. With that kind of thoughtfulness, charm, and persistence, you can see why we have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

I have spent our relationship experiencing just how surprisingly thoughtful Edward is. The proposal was no different.

Edward knows how much I love puzzles, games, and quality time (and of course the Pixar movie “Up”). One Saturday, he picks me up with a fun date idea: a scavenger hunt around Nashville. Each clue had a balloon, a bag of puzzle pieces, and a riddle that I had to solve. These clues took us to all of the places around Nashville that we love most: the bar where he first asked me to dance, the concert venue where we had our first date, the park where he asked me to dance a second time, the restaurant where we celebrate everything at, and the coffee shop where he and I have spent countless date nights. At the end, I had to put all of the puzzle pieces together for one final clue: “72.5.” I knew this was how many sponsors he had to get for our 2nd date, and I knew it meant we were going to his parent’s backyard where he had hosted his 26th birthday for Uganda.

When we get there, the theme song from “Up” is playing, there are balloons, champagne, and an Adventure Book that all of the clues fit into from the day. I of course start ugly crying because I realized what was happening. (And Edward will say I must’ve been chopping onions, but he cried, too!) He proposed in his parent’s backyard where so many of our best memories together have been, and I’ve never been happier.

Or so I thought. As Edward drove us to dinner, he starts telling me how he picked out this great restaurant called Sinema that’s themed after movies (my favorite!). So as we walk upstairs towards our table, I’m distracted by all of the awesome movies playing on TVs all over the restaurant. Our server guides us through this curtain where suddenly I see my parents, sisters, brother, and best friends from all over the country! I was completely shocked (cue more ugly crying), and I have never been more surprised in my life. I feel beyond lucky to be spending forever with someone so unbelievably thoughtful and to be supported by family and friends who would drop anything to fly to Nashville and celebrate our engagement with us.

Taylor's Proposal in Nashville, TN

Special Thanks

Mark Russell Johnson
 | Photographer