Taylor and Edgar


How We Met

I met Edgar my senior year in high school. I started serving at the same restaurant that he is now a manager at. We have been together seven years January 1st.

how they asked

His proposal could not have been more perfect! The last two years we really started talking about getting married and ring shopping! My grandpa was a small town jeweler for over 50 years so it has always been really important to me that my grandpa make my ring for me as he has made my parents rings and all of his siblings wedding bands.

About 7 months ago my grandpa passed away. I never mentioned that I was so devastated that I would not get my special ring from my grandpa that I always wanted. So jumping forward, this past summer me and Edgar were planning a trip  somewhere we had never been before.

One of our closest friends, Hannah and Dustin, had mentioned Wilmington,NC and staying on the beach at Wrightsville. We ended up staying at a really nice, cozy, oceanfront hotel in Wrightsville and we had invited Hannah and Dustin down for the weekend to come hang out with us!

I had no idea that Edgar had this all planned out and had asked my best friend, Hannah and her boyfriend to come and capture the special moment for us. Hannah texted me Saturday on her way down and said that she would like to go down to the beach before dinner and have me take some pictures of them on the beach which was no problem for me, I loved taking pictures

. After I took several pictures of them, she asked if she could take some pictures of me and Edgar. As she was capturing pictures at sunset, he pulled out a little black box and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.



I barely remember what he said, he was so nervous and I was so shocked, happy, excited, crying, full of emotion- I said YES!


With all the celebration after, he hugged me and said I did get your grandpa to make your ring, I have had it for 6 months waiting for the perfect time to ask you! I broke down in tears, he knew how special it meant to me and that is something no one could ever take away.



I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life but I thank the Lord above everyday for placing him in my life to have forever now!