Taylor and Dustin

how they asked

A year before he proposed Dustin came and watched me compete at this barrel race in Jacksonville with my horse (he actually surprised me on his way home from GA) we did really well and this barrel race turned into my favorite one to go to every year. A year from that race goes by and I graduate college…get a job…etc and start bugging him about when the heck are we going to get engaged. I mean, it had been 4 years either he knew if he wanted to get married by now or not….I’m super impatient. My birthday goes by, no ring. Christmas goes by, no ring. New Years goes by, no ring. By now I’m like…shoot maybe Valentines Day? Didn’t really think about it much more. We pack up and go to that barrel race in Jacksonville the first week of January of 2019 with my parents. I have a really good first go with my horse Friday night. Saturday Dustin’s mom and dad said they wanted to come up and watch us run. Saturday rolls around and I’m getting my horse ready to run, usually Dustin is super helpful but this time he would like disappear for 30 minutes or so and I was getting so aggravated like why isn’t he hanging out with me?? He kept saying he “had to pee”…I said you literally just peed like 5 minutes ago what did you do?!

Anywhom, I make my run with my horse and it was perfect…we take the lead at this barrel race, then the announcer said wait up he thinks I dropped something in the arena. I turn back around and there is Dustin in the arena with roses and a ring. Lots and lots of ugly crying followed this.Dustin’s sisters were there, my parents and his parents were all there. Dustin had planned this proposal for a whole YEAR!!! The crew who ran the barrel race were in on it and made sure to catch it all on video and camera. I was soooo surprised and so blown away! Dustin only told his parent’s and sisters, my parent’s didn’t even know he was going to propose.It was a dream weekend between getting engaged and getting to do what I love competing with my horse. Dustin did good and the wait was definitely worth it!!

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