Taylor and Devin

How We Met

Devin and I met in college at James Madison University (Go Dukes), where he transferred in 2016. There, we both led YoungLife together at different middle schools. My housemate Isabel led at the same school as Devin and invited him over to our house one day to play a game with friends near the end of January of 2017.

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We always joke and say that we met by being kidnapped together. We played a game called “kidnapped” where teams are split up and you drop your opponent’s players off in a random location within a 10-minute radius. After you have been dropped off, you call your teammates in the car, and can only answer yes or no questions to help them find you and return back to base. Devin and I got put on the same team and had the choice of whether to navigate or be kidnapped with me and my best friend Nikki, and he chose to come with us. Little did we know that running around lost in the middle of nowhere is a great way to get to know someone.

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Devin’s housemate had just gotten a puppy, so naturally, I asked if my housemates and I could come over and play with her. While I do love dogs, I’ll admit I really wanted to spend more time with Devin. After a few weeks of hanging out in groups, and seeing each other through YoungLife meetings, Devin asked me to hang out one-on-one for the first time… on February 14th. He claims that he didn’t realize it was Valentine’s Day, and that he was more focused on the special at that particular restaurant. Either way, we ended up sharing our testimonies and truly getting to know each other, eating Cookout, and buying concert tickets together for a concert that was 6 months away. I guess he was really confident we would make it that long!

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Over the next 2 years, Devin and I went on countless adventures and fell more in love every single day.

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How They Asked

Devin caught me by complete surprise. We had talked about marriage before, but I had assumed if he were to propose, it was going to be a way down the road.

My best friend Nikki had brought me up to “the spot”, where she was going to ask me to be her maid of honor at her wedding. I have been to this spot before with Nikki to eat dinner and hang out a few times, but this was the same spot that Devin and I spent countless evenings at. Devin and I shared our testimonies here, stargazed and watched countless sunsets. Since Nikki and I have been up here before though, I did not think anything of it.

When Nikki and I pulled up, she parked farther away than usual and handed me a letter asking me to be her maid of honor. She then got out and told me to come up to the top of the hill. As we walked over, she pointed out a blanket with a computer on it. I immediately began looking around, thinking someone had forgotten their things. Nikki started walking towards the blanket, and I kept telling her not to touch other peoples stuff. She then reached down and pressed the space bar, and told me to sit down. That is when I heard Devin’s voice through the laptop.

As I was sitting there my heart was racing. At the end of the video, Devin told me to turn around, and when I did he was running towards me. He then asked me if I would be his wife, and as the video shows, I literally jumped for joy!!!

Our Video

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