Taylor and Darin

How We Met

We met in 9th grade in geometry class. I had just moved to a new school and only knew a few people. We sat across from each other in that class and became friends. Our teacher even called us out for playing footsie (which we definitely weren’t doing :) ). We were both with other people so we just stayed friends for a couple of years. Two years later, we realized that we were meant to be together and we have been together ever since.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

how they asked

It was our 7 year anniversary of dating! We already planned on spending the day together and doing something nice. Our plan was to go to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. We spent a good amount of time inside looking at all the exhibits. After going through the whole thing, we wanted to look at the ones outside. We started walking on the trails and the first thing we see is a LOVE sculpture. I told Darin that it would be a cool place for someone to propose! He agreed and we kept walking. We walked on those trails for a while and realized it was getting late. We head back to the love sculpture and Darin said he wanted to wait there until someone walks by so they can take our picture. Someone finally walked by and we asked them. They took one picture and Darin said he didn’t like it. What?!?! So he asked them to take another picture. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do different for this picture so I just stood there. He grabbed my hand and went down on one knee. I was so shocked!! I had no idea it was coming. He said a lot of things but all I remember is ‘Will you marry me?’ I almost couldn’t wait for him to finish the sentence. It was the best surprise!

Where to Propose in Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art