Taylor and Daniel


How We Met

I met my sweet Daniel two years ago in college. I was a sophomore and he was a Junior. He was also the TA (teaching assistant) in a class I was taking at the time and I had not even entertained the thought that he could ever be interested in me. We spoke casually in class but only ever about the subject at hand; Field methods of Geology. (We are both geologists). I didn’t read much into the relationship until one day I got a text message from Daniel asking if I could help him to take inventory of the Geoscience department’s supplies for an upcoming event. I thought it was a bit strange but I agreed to help him anyway. We spent about an hour together that afternoon laughing, talking, and just getting to know each other; and as soon as I left to go home, I missed him. I knew he was someone special. The weeks to follow we went on a lot of group outings and casually hung out at school and then he finally asked me on a real date. The rest is history. We continued to see each other and soon I began to wonder how I ever went through a day without him. He does so much for me without even trying. In only two years we have been through so much together. He graduated, got a job, moved away, got a different job, moved back (to be closer to me), and is now only living a wonderful 20 miles away. I couldn’t be happier.

how they asked

My best friend Dana and I had been trying to plan a couples camping trip for weeks (she is married) and we had finally picked a beautiful location and found a free weekend in early April to go. We were so excited and had made all of the reservations. We knew that Cloudland Canyon State Park was home to several beautiful waterfalls and we had every intention of finding them while we were there. We got up early our first morning there and we set out searching for it. We had been hiking for a couple of hours when we finally began to see one of the waterfalls in the distance. It was beautiful! We sat down and enjoyed the view for a while and I was so happy to be there with the love of my life. I was lost in the beautiful view of the waterfall in front of me when I heard Dana calling for Daniel and I to come take a picture. She always takes lots of pictures so I didn’t think anything of it. We walked over and found a spot right in front with a good view of the waterfall. We began to pose for the picture when Daniel turned to me and said “I love you, babe.” I said “I love you too” like I had a hundred times before. He then replied and said “I love you so much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you”. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. With the beautiful waterfall behind us and our dear friends as witnesses, it was absolutely magical.