Taylor and Daniel

How We Met

Daniel and I met the first day of orientation at Indiana University. It was such an early start and I was already so overwhelmed by all of the people and how big the campus was. We were separated and put into smaller groups and then told to find different people in the group to talk with and link specific body parts to (elbows, hands, etc.). I looked up and saw the most adorable red head smiling right at me and we officially became right knee partners. The entire rest of the day we spent laughing and my initial nervousness was gone when I was around him! I found out later he had been texting his friends to see if how to get my number! We ended up living in the same quad and I can’t imagine getting through nursing school and college in general without him!

How They Asked

Daniel and I are both from the Chicagoland area but after college moved to New York City to pursue our careers. As Daniel’s birthday approached I suggested flying home to celebrate with family. I found out later he had already arranged for me to have that weekend off with my manager! The rain let up for just a little bit and he took me out along the water and it wasn’t until he got on one knee I realized he was even asking!

After I said yes I noticed that my little sister was hiding in plain sight all along to take photos! After the proposal, we walked to a little champagne bar to celebrate and he surprised me again by inviting both our families and so many amazing friends to be there!

Taylor's Proposal in Chicago Ill

Special Thanks

Rachel Elston
 | Photographer