Taylor and Dan

how we met

It all started a little over a year before we actually met–when Taylor took Megan Rowley as her +1 guest to a CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) dinner in April 2017. We owe a huge thanks to Jana, the lady who last-minute decided to allow Taylor bring a guest to the CRU dinner (Taylor and Megan had plans to see the musical “The Little Mermaid” at Grove City High School that night since Taylor forgot about saying yes to the dinner months before…whoops!).

So, Megan and Tay got all dressed up for the banquet, and were seated at a table with Mr. and Mrs. Glassman (Ron’s parents). They hit it off with the Glassmans, and Megan stayed in close touch with Ron’s parents in the days, weeks, and months following. Long story short–as Megan spent more time with the family, Ron and Megan ended up falling love and getting married in May 2018…when Dan and Tay were paired together in their wedding party!

They still remember it like it was yesterday, when they met for the first time, linking arms to walk up the aisle, “You must be Dan,” … “and you must be Taylor!” Dan, secretly trying to sit near Taylor at the rehearsal dinner (which only some of his friends knew about), raised Tay’s eyebrow (internally) when he mentioned that he had recently returned from a trip with his pastors for which he took four days off work–the Together for the Gospel conference. Taylor really wanted to attend this conference for months but wasn’t able to get off of work, and she didn’t know anyone else who went to the conference, let alone a young man who would take four days off of work to go there with his pastors. But, all the while, at that time, Tay was focused on serving the Lord in singleness and was preparing to leave for a 6-week summer mission to Uganda in June.

The next day, the beautiful Glassman wedding took place and Dan and Tay continued to chat during breaks after the wedding and when pictures were taken. As everyone was cleaning up at the end of the reception, Dan walked up to Taylor and started chatting, talking about how great the weekend was and how he was thinking the wedding party would have gotten to spend more time together. All the while, Tay did not think anything was coming from this conversation and was a little confused why Dan just randomly started talking to her while they were cleaning up the reception decorations. Then, he asked if they could keep in touch after the wedding and he got Taylor’s number (even though he immediately forgot how to enter a new contact in his phone after he asked for it)! That evening, Taylor and Christine (another bridesmaid of Megan’s) hosted Dan and a bunch of his friends from the wedding at Tay’s apartment, enjoying pizza, snacks, games, and a disco dance party (yes, Taylor’s apartment is fully equipped with a mirror ball). Dan and Tay talked over the phone extensively almost every day for the next three weeks, and things were clearly lining up for their relationship.

Dan came to visit Taylor in Grove City June 2 & 3, and started the weekend off with their first date to Chick-fil-A (knowing Taylor’s love for all thing Chick-fil-A), and ended the weekend by asking to start a dating relationship together. Of course Tay agreed they should start an official relationship. Three days, later Taylor departed for her 6-week journey in Uganda, during which she was so encouraged by Dan’s prayers and care as they tried their best to communicate over the distance.

how they asked

On Thursday, October 4, 2018, Dan set out from Rochester, NY, to meet up with Taylor’s parents to ask for her hand in marriage and drive up to Grove City the next morning to propose. His time with her parents went well and they gave him their blessing, but Steve’s (Taylor’s RD friend) fake plans to spend time with Tay Friday morning were falling apart as on Thursday Tay made plans to eat lunch with a student on Friday, cutting her and Steve’s scheduled time in half. Steve and Dan communicated back and forth Thursday evening about what to do now that Tay was, unknowingly, thwarting Dan’s proposal plan. So, Dan decided to just drive to Grove City and propose that night!

Tay was totally caught off guard–as she had been up and running since 5:20am that day and just wanted to video chat Dan like normal to end the day and go to bed early. Little did she know that as he was “talking with mom,” he was approaching Grove City and would pop in her apartment door half an hour later. Dan and Tay walked down over Rainbow Bridge at Grove City College, to the trail behind the gazebo where they first decided to officially start dating. Dan got down on one knee, talked about how neither of us knew that the Lord would bring us together so quickly but how awesome the time together has been, and asked Taylor to marry him! She, all smiles, said yes–of course! IT was perfect timing, because Taylor got to introduce all her friends and former fellow college student classmates to her FIANCE, Dan!

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