Taylor and Courtney

how we met

Flashback to 10 years ago. We met at the YMCA and Taylor came up to introduce himself to me while I was on the elliptical. I do not remember this, but he certainly does. He says he was as nervous as could be, but he came up and introduced himself to me anyways. After that we bumped into each other multiple times over the years because of mutual friends. During our encounters we became close friends and he developed a crush for me. He would ask me out on dates and I always politely declined. He was stuck in the friend-zone for the longest time. Still, we would hang out as friends and talk about life, who we were dating at the time, school, and other things. Almost a year ago, I moved back home from Tennessee and he messaged me to go golfing (since that’s something we both enjoy doing) and for the first time ever I said yes to a date. And as they say, the rest is history (well, history in the making).

how they asked

It was set to be a marketing photoshoot for Ashley’s photography business. I had been working with Ashley and Drew for awhile on this and they helped me to come up with a plan where Courtney wouldn’t see it coming. Ashley texted Courtney’s friend and had her in on it. Courtney’s friend texted her and said “ashley asked my husband and i to do a photoshoot but we can’t do it because we have other plans, so she told me to ask another couple to do it instead.” Courtney called and told me this (I already knew but acted surprised) and she was so excited because she’s always wanted professional photos done. I then told her that Drew Litty (the videographer) would be there too for the photoshoot to shoot Ashley taking photos (once again, for business purposes). On the way up to Gervasi’s Vineyard, Courtney said “I’m really sad you aren’t proposing, this would be the perfect time.” I told her that I was sorry and that it wasn’t happening that day but Ashley would capture our proposal when the day came. From there she kind of just dropped it and got excited again about the fact we were getting photos done. We got there and got photos and Drew was filming as well. Towards the end of the shoot Ashley and Drew asked us to write love letters to each other because they thought it would be cute for the video. We both went in separate places to write. Courtney went and wrote hers while I went to my car to grab the one I already written days before. She read hers first and then I read mine…then I proposed. It was perfect and it was a total surprise for her. Courtney: It definitely was a surprise. I was hoping he was going to propose when I first heard about the photoshoot, but accepted (well I thought I accepted) the fact that it wasn’t going to happen. My parents knew, but denied it up and down that anything was happening. He had asked my parents a few weeks prior for my hand in marriage, but I didn’t think it was happening anytime soon. My mom and I went shopping for a perfect outfit, but I still thought nothing of it. I was just excited to get photos done. Anyways, we got our photos and were told to write letters to each other. Once we started reading our letters I realized his was way longer than mine (and we only had like 5 minutes to write), so in that moment I knew he was going to ask. I was so surprised and bawled my eyes out. It was the proposal I have always dreamed of, but never thought would actually come true. I am so blessed and lucky that Taylor put so much thought and time into our proposal.

Special Thanks

Stein Creative Co.
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Litty Film Company
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Gabriel & Co
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