Taylor and Corban

Taylor's Proposal in At home!

How We Met

Corban and I met our freshman year of high school! His dad was in the military, so he had lived all over the world before coming to our tiny town, and we all thought that was so cool! We ended up going to freshmen homecoming together and the rest is history! We dated all throughout high school and then both went to separate colleges. Living almost 2 hours away from each other at college was hard, but I think it was necessary for our relationship to thrive! It gave us time to make our own friends, meet new people, and realize how much we wanted to be together. Throughout high school, i never actually thought we would get married, especially with everyone saying high school sweethearts don’t work out. But luckily for us, it has!

How They Asked

Corban bought a ring before the stay at home order took place in Michigan! We are both in our last year of college, so he was planning the proposal for sometime around our graduations! Both of our college graduations got canceled and so his plans had to change. We both decided not to go home to family for Easter since we are in a highly infected area with COVID-19. We were super bummed, but it was MY idea to get Easter baskets and goodies via Target pick up. On the Saturday before Easter, we made our baskets and hid them before we want to bed for each other to find in the morning! Corban did an awesome job at acting like nothing was happening and was super nonchalant about the Easter baskets!

the next morning, he made me coffee and I started looking for my basket! When I found it, there was a ring box open inside the basket! When i turned around, he asked me to marry him!

Proposal Ideas At home!

it was the sweetest surprise and while nothing seems to be going to plan with our current world, I think it was the perfect proposal for us.