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How We Met

I first met Connor when we were both working at a local grocery store together. We both worked in the same department and he would always make me laugh to the point where I was embarrassed by my uncontrollable giggling. We would even joke about how we were going to get married one day and have the grocery store cater our wedding. After a few months of flirting and talking, he finally asked me on a date! We dated throughout that whole summer but I was leaving for college that August, so he decided it was best if we ended things when I left. Throughout that year we still stayed in touch and kept coming back to each other. I ended up transferring to a school back home so Connor finally asked me to be his girlfriend after two long years of the “talking” phase. As cheesy as it sounds, I always knew he was the one. We have grown so much and I can truly say I am going to marry my best friend!

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how they asked

Connor called me at work on that Friday and told me he was picking me up at 3:30 to go costume shopping for a Halloween party we were going to that weekend. I knew something was up because Connor would never leave work early just to go costume shopping. Once he picked me up he started driving towards uptown and kept insisting we were still going to a costume shop. Once we parked he went to the trunk and pulled out a basket, blanket, and a platter of sushi. We walked down to a park and set up for our picnic. After we ate our sushi he pulled out a letter and told me to read it. By this point I was in tears and realizing that this was it!

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Once I put down the letter, Connor told me he had one more thing for me. He pulled out a box of macaroons from our favorite bakery and I noticed one was bigger than the others. He pulled out the big macaroon, got down on one knee, opened the macaroon that had the most beautiful ring inside and asked me to marry him!

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Aftr he proposed I noticed a woman taking pictures of us. I thought maybe she was just in the park taking pictures of all the beautiful scenery. She then came up and introduced herself and I was in complete shock! Connor’s brother, Michael, had hired a photographer for us and she took pictures of the whole proposal! Michael and his girlfriend, Taylor, popped out after the photographer did and I was even more surprised. Me and Connor then got to go off and take loads of engagement pictures to document such a special day. It was the most perfect proposal done by the most amazing man. I will cherish this day forever and I am so lucky to have had this moment photographed. Every time I look at those pictures, it takes me right back to that beautiful day.

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