Taylor and Colt


How We Met

Her Side: April 2nd, 2012, (which also happened to be my 19th birthday!) I walked into the band room at EWU for my first day of Symphonic Band, found an empty seat and began taking out my saxophone. I looked up and saw this really cute guy walking in my direction and I smiled. To my surprise he sat right next to me and we made small talk throughout class. As class was coming to an end, he asked me for my phone number and we proceeded to talk everyday throughout the following weeks.

One afternoon he asked me to come play street hockey with him in one of the parking lots in Cheney…we spent what seemed like a short hour (but really was over four) just talking and getting to know each other. I remember being so in awe because we had the exact same views on everything! We had the same morals, spiritual values, and opinions on every subject. I just couldn’t believe that this whole thing was real; that he was real. From the day we met, I knew there was something special about him…I knew he was different than all the rest.
We both had very busy schedules, but no matter what, we spent every spare moment we could with each other and after a few short weeks, we began dating. It didn’t take us very long to start thinking about our future together, and it was obvious that God grew us up for each other.

His Side: It all started one day when I was on my  I was almost to the band room when my friend Tyler was passing the other way in the hall. He caught me and said, “Hey Colt, guess what? We have two new saxophone players this quarter! And one of them is a beautiful woman!”

Upon hearing this, I took a detour into the bathroom and straightened out my hair in order to make a good first impression on this young lady I was hearing about. Once satisfied, I walked into the band room and instantly spotted whom Tyler was referring to. I had no clue who this girl was but was determined to accomplish two tasks: get her to like me and get her phone number. As it turned out, I got her to like me by complimenting her on her hair and got her phone number by making her think that I needed it to schedule saxophone sectionals together.
After we met, we found ourselves talking on the phone, texting, going to hockey games, going on bike rides, walking and running together, and playing street hockey in the parking lot.
Of course I was initially attracted to how she appeared on the outside, it was how I began to see her as a person that captured me. I was hesitant to dive into the subjects of religion, politics, beliefs, and ethics with her in fear of having different views. Much to my surprise, every single view that each of us had matched perfectly!

Besides our views, the parts of her personality I value the most are her desire for a Biblical marriage, her loving personality, and perhaps my favorite, her ability to dream big dreams.
About a week or two later we started dating, which led to the assumption that we were probably going to get married a couple weeks after that. We had only known each other for about a month when we started planning our lives together and talking about our dreams.


how they asked

Her Side: On January 28th, 2013, it became official. Colt took me to the EWU Music Building to show me a song he had been working on for a while. When we got there, he took me to the band room and had one chair set up, exactly where I was sitting when we first met. I sat down and watched as he took out his saxophone, and then he started playing. Instantly I got tears in my eyes as I recognized the song “Someday My Prince Will Come.” He then walked over to me, got down on one knee and pulled from his saxophone case a small blue box….He looked into my eyes and quoted Ephesians 5:25 then asked me to be his wife.

His Side: On January 28th of 2013, we got back to Cheney late from Spokane after a business meeting. This timing worked well because there was no one in the EWU Music Building and we were well dressed. As we drove by the college, I explained to Taylor that I was working on a jazz tune with my saxophone that I wanted to entertain her with. Although tired, she agreed to humor me and come into the building. We went through the doors that I had Tom the janitor leave open for us into the band room. I had her sit in a chair exactly where she was when we first met. Next I assembled my saxophone and played the song “Someday My Prince Will Come,” followed by presenting her with her engagement ring on one knee and asking for her hand in marriage (she said yes). It has been until this day the happiest day of our lives.


We were married on August 10th 2013 in Wenatchee, WA, now residing in Seattle and are absolutely loving life together!