Taylor and Cody


How We Met

Cody and I have such an interesting story. He was in the army, me living in Charleston. On his first deployment to Afghanistan he met a guy from my high school, Ben…. Fast forward a few years and that guy marries my best friend Eliza. While they were dating, I asked them about any hot single army friends Ben could introduce me to. He instantly mentioned Cody, and how perfect our personalities would mesh. I think he described him as as super funny and weird, just like me. Perfect! Sometime after that Cody and I became Facebook friends, and time went by and we never met; we just liked each other’s posts. A few days before Christmas 2014 I was drinking with wine Eliza, and ask her again about the hot army dude I never got to meet. She talks me into Facebook messaging him, so I grew a pair and messaged him.

He had just left for his 2nd deployment to Afghanistan so I said something about us all hanging out together when he got back. We wound up talking every.single.day for 7 months (messaging, face timing, snap chats) and FINALLY met in person at the end of July 2015. Also known as the scariest day of my life (I was so nervous). Our first night together we said I love you (also note: I met his entire family including OLDER SISTER about 30 seconds after meeting him for the first time). From there it was a crazy long distance relationship. Drives back and forth between fort Campbell, North Carolina, and South Carolina. We were absolutely obsessed and head over heels for each other, and we’re counting down the days until all the long distance craziness would end. We bought a house together in Charleston, SC and finally ended the long distance journey August 2016… Followed by a ring!

how they asked

Well, I’m a private investigator and work with my parents company, so one Saturday my mom tells me we have a case to work and we’ll be on the beach for part of the day. We walk out to Sullivan’s island (my favorite beach), and I’m pretty pumped and ready to work this case. We walk down the beach prepping for what I think we’re supposed to do; and I notice a good looking guy wearing a green button down and khaki pants down the beach standing wth his dog facing our direction. I obviously didn’t think anything of it because Cody was out of town (“helping his grandma”), and I’m working. As we get closer i can’t help but notice that guy looks just like my boyfriend?? Then it hits me. That is my boyfriend. And he had the dog we were supposed to be picking up later on that week.


We slowly approached each other and I just stared at dog saying WHAT is going on?! Cody is all smiles and asks me if I’m mad at him at all for getting Todd (our dog) without me.


I told him NO of course not, smiling from ear to ear, but whaaaaat?! Cody replies with “well, I didn’t what him to miss our special day” and with that pulls out the most beautiful ring, and asks me to marry him.


It was the best day ever.