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How We Met

How we met is a question we often receive and can never seem to agree! We met in jr. high when we were both 13 which is now well over 10 years ago. I like to say we met on MySpace (the good old days) through mutual friends. His story is a little different and has us ,meeting at church. We did in fact go to the same youth group at the same church and I do remember seeing him there. We were both very shy and would catch each others eye from time to time but would never talk in person. We were friends on AIM (our screen names were very 2003) and I remember being so excited to get home so we could chat – I like to think of us as virtual pen pals. I always had the biggest crush on him and would get butterflies when I saw him log on! I couldn’t wait to talk to him. We never attended the same school or hung out in person until college yet we remained close throughout the years via Facebook and texting. I had always hoped we would at least get the opportunity to spend time together but I never imagined that he would one day be my husband!

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Cody and I got engaged February 4th, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona and at that point had been together a little over four years. We live in California but the weekend of the 4th we were going to Arizona to watch Cody’s brother play college baseball. I have family and some of my closest friends that live in Arizona as well so it was the perfect weekend where all of us would be together. I was so excited to go on our mini vacation and we both couldn’t wait to see everyone! I had no idea that weekend my life would change. Cody’s brother had baseball games on both Friday and Saturday so I assumed that’s what our plans would be. Saturday morning we woke up and Cody told me he had made a reservation for him and I to go to dinner that night alone…weird. I was a little confused at that point because he wanted to leave the game early to make it there on time. I was trying not to think about it too much but I was definitely curious what I did to deserve a fancy surprise dinner! We arrived at the restaurant which had a gorgeous view of Phoenix and we were seated right near the window. After we placed our order, Cody suggested we walk outside to take a better look. We walked over to a spot on the empty patio area and started talking. After a couple minutes, he grabbed my hands, turned me toward him and got down on one knee. I remember everything he said and still replay in my mind! In that moment I can’t explain the utter joy, happiness and love that I I felt. He had a photographer there to capture everything and the waiter even came out with champagne after a lot of crying and hugs! Cody is truly my best friend and it is dream come true that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

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