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How We Met

I met Christian four years ago as I was leaving a church function with one of my close friends. She was a good friend of his and suggested we have him walk us out to our cars, since it was late at night and the downtown area was not well lit. I remember thinking he was very cute; he had this laugh that stuck with me. After that moment, we did not end up connecting for about a year or so. He was busy serving within our church and I was busy with my own life–our paths were close, but not yet crossing. The large sum of mutual friends we had could not keep us apart though, and eventually he began to pursue me like I have never been pursued before. He did everything he could to show his interest in me and get me to notice him. I was grateful that the time in between us meeting and him pursuing me gave us both the chance to grow in different ways before we found ourselves together. Things finally came to a point where I just could not resist his contagious laugh and sweet personality. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call him mine now.

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how they asked

One of the most attractive qualities I found in Christian early on was his creativity. As someone who doesn’t expect extravagant things, dating a person who loves to go above and beyond certainly brought me out of my comfort zone. The day he asked me to officially be his forever was more creative than anything I have ever dreamt of. Things started off in Carmel, CA, before we headed to Big Sur for (what I thought was) a small hike. Christian was calm and cool the entire time, so I had ruled out every possibility of this potentially being “the day”. When we arrived in Big Sur, he took me along this gorgeous trail (I mean, it’s Big Sur) and I was completely in awe. This was more than enough for me, I thought. After walking a little ways, I noticed a framed sign hung up on a tree just above a bouquet of flowers. I immediately cried, as this was the same exact sign he made for me on our first date; it explained everything we were to do that day. He said some really sweet things to me (that I absolutely cannot remember) and we continued walking. A little further along the trail, I found a second framed sign and another bouquet of flowers. The same sign he gifted me on our one year with a heartfelt note written on it. At this point I’m pretty sure all of my makeup was nearly cried off. But of course, this was only the beginning. There was a third sign (with more flowers) further down the trail; this one described our two year anniversary date. He explained that although all of the plans fell through that day, he fell more in love with how I was completely okay with it all. I have no clue how I made it to the final stop on the trail, but once I did, I felt my heart go wild inside my chest. This was it. A final sign read ‘proposal’ along with a beautifully written note—one that I could hardly read through a whole bunch of tears. Behind us was a dance floor arranged from a clearing of dirt with lights strung atop. He asked me to dance with him and music from a speaker nearby filled our ears. Finally, he told me he had one last question to ask me as he got down on one knee. I said yes. It was that very moment that I became the happiest girl alive.

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