Taylor and Chris

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How We Met

We met in the Summer of 2015 working together. I had just moved back home to New Hampshire, he was with this company for a while already. We hit it off immediately and the first thought in my head (besides how delicious he was to look at!) was that he was way out of my league. We grew closer through working together and often found ourselves talking outside of work, a simple “How was work for you today?” or “What are you up to?” and we loved to share jokes with each other. After two years working together, we were headed to work for different companies, but we knew it wasn’t over for us.

We couldn’t stand being apart after seeing each other almost every day for two years. We planned a trip to Boston together (our favorite city) for New Years to ring in 2017. That night, as the countdown ran out in the middle of Boston and we shared the stereotypical New Years kiss, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Then in April, we found out our family was expanding… we were having a little baby girl! We moved in together shortly after and my heart was filled with so much love I couldn’t wait to see what the future had for us.

how they asked

Chris had been acting weird for weeks. I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong, and he holed up anytime I asked. So naturally, I was getting worried. We had our baby shower on September 30th. We had a few family members come from New York and Tennessee to celebrate our baby girl with us. They were all staying the weekend, so with beautiful weather upon us we planned on going apple picking the day after our baby shower- October 1st- with our family and have a maternity photo shoot. We got dressed up nicely and couldn’t wait to take pictures! We got to the apple orchard, and first, we picked apples.

Little did I know, my whole family was in on it! We stopped at one tree, picking a few apples when Chris says to me “You should grab that one up there!” So without a thought, I reached for the apple. When I turned around to hand him the apple, my family had stepped back and Chris is staring at me. He started to tear up and so did I. Then and there he asked me to be his forever. And of course, I said yes!!! Our maternity photo shoot then turned into an engagement photo shoot!

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