Taylor and Chris

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How We Met

Chris and I were introduced through mutual friends during my senior year and Chris’s sophomore year at Gustavus.

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There is no dramatic love story ;) but we became inseparable quickly after getting to know each other and we wouldn’t change a thing!

How They Asked

My girlfriends (Claire & Greta Schierman) and I had made plans a few weeks prior to go to Aamodt’s Apple Orchard with our boyfriends in Stillwater as something fun to do for the day on Saturday, none of us had ever been and wanted to try something new. Chris got the ring the day before on Friday and did not want to hang onto it. He called Claire and Greta the night before we had planned to all hangout to ask for their help with doing the proposal at the orchard. Their first reaction was excitement, followed by, ” you couldn’t give us more than 24 hours to plan this?!” But they made it happen!

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On Saturday, Chris and I drove out to Stillwater to meet our friends for an afternoon of what I thought was going to be a casual day of orchard activities with some adult beverages. As soon as we arrived everyone was acting very quiet and strange but I didn’t think much of it. As soon as we sat down with our first beer, Claire and Greta immediately suggested we go take pictures in a “cool spot” they found before we arrived.

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I wanted to at least finish my beer before we started our photo session but went along and followed them into the apple tree rows. No one was talking and it became very strange, we all followed to a clearing and I saw a blanket, candles, and rose petals in the distance. My first comment that we all still laugh about was, “oh no did someone pass away??” Chris was quick to respond and said I’m not sure, let’s go find out.

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As we got closer i realized what i was hoping would happen, Chris got down on a knee and told me he could not imagine his life without me and asked me to marry him. The girls and guys cheered and photographed the whole thing. After the exciting moment, my brother and his girlfriend along with Emma, another close friend since we were kids, came out from behind the trees to celebrate.

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Chris and all my friends made that day so special by taking out all the stops. It was perfect and a complete surprise. I could not have imagined it any other way! After some celebrating at Aamodt’s we took the party to downtown Stillwater for cocktails and had an amazing afternoon with the people we loved most!